Zombieburger63882d ago

Eh R* pushed shark cards so hard and ruined the red dead online. They deserve the leaks.

VenomUK82d ago

Stone the crows it’s been a while!

Graphics looks good, I can see the trademark animations movements from the old games. Watching it made me smile, I love the whole world you get immersed in - Vice City now with TikTok style livestreams. Lead girl seems cool. I can’t wait to play… but I guess I have to because it’s not coming out until 2025!

GTA VI - bring it on! 🤣

TripleAAARating82d ago

man the npc density is what caught me the most, the clips on the beach and in the club with all characters engaged in different activities and animations is absolutely insane 😳

amazinglover82d ago

R* suits pushed shark cards the devs who the brunt of the work don't deserve the leaks.

z2g82d ago

sorry that's a pretty basic way of thinking. they pushed shark cards, and people bought them so they kept selling them. that's on us the consumer for spending so much money. nobody says "hey this is making money, lets stop selling it".

also nobody deserves to get fucked over when they've done nothing wrong. It spoils the whole vibe for not just all the people (yes people just like you and me) who worked on the game and the people like me who had a whole plan.

im sure I'll get downvoted for being the adult in the room but this kind of attitude of justifying bad behavior is shitty imo.

TallDarknWavy81d ago

But really, do the woke imbeciles know that this isn't a superhero game, and that there's no way in hell a woman is a realistic playable character in the realistic world of GTA?
Sorry cucks, women are not going to physically manhandle men in any realistic situation. Leave that fantasy for your silly superhero movies and games, GTA is set in real life only.

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OtterX82d ago

I'm sure they anticipated this happening, were ready to take this live on YouTube if so.

Man, the graphics are insane. I'm not liking the 2025 release date, but it is what it is.

Newmanator82d ago

Agreed. I would have loved a little bit of gameplay but it is a while away so I get it.

RaidenBlack82d ago

I need to stop re-watching the damn trailer ... been a dozen time already

EvertonFC82d ago

I imagine it's early 2025 maybe February so ONLY 14 months away not too bad hopefully

seanpitt2381d ago

Yeah it be a fall 2025 release September to November so nearly 2 years to wait! The trailer was impressive didn't like the plastic looking skin on the NPC's at the beach but alot will change and improve in 2 years

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shammgod82d ago

How does this affect you at all?

thorstein82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Nintendo canceled a live action Zelda adaptation after a leak.

So leaks do affect people.People lost their jobs.

Personal opinions aside, people have had games ruined by leakers.

sparky7782d ago

Almost looks like CGI, Rockstar certainly never disappoints.

Obscure_Observer82d ago

It will set a new bar for current gen games!

I can´t wait!!!

Pyrofire9582d ago

Well it was generated by computers.

RaidenBlack82d ago

Based on the visuals and the 2025 release ... I can safely hope, it ain't gonna be a cross-gen game ...

Obscure_Observer82d ago

"I can safely hope, it ain't gonna be a cross-gen game ..."

Only current gen consoles. Not even a PC port.

RaidenBlack82d ago

* Not even a PC port "at launch".
Fixed it for ya, lad

Stanjara82d ago

PS5/PS6 baby. Of course it will be.

Profchaos81d ago

There's zero chance of that. it'll be ps5 and Xbox given how much is happening on the screen at the same time like at the beach I wouldn't be shocked if it's 30 fps and 1440p.

Switch 2 is rumoured but I don't believe it.

Also I bet PC comes 24 months later as is the style of Rockstar PC ports gta iv was 12 months, gta v 24 months, rdr 2 12 months

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thorstein82d ago

It looks so gooooooood! I went back and really looked at some details. The beach from above, dolphins and sharks are surfacing from the water. There was so much detail to everything. And the way NPCs were responding to what was around them in the most organic ways just made is seem so awesome.

This looks good. Really good.

Lightning7782d ago (Edited 82d ago )

As expected. It's also a 2025 game. Which is not at all a surprising. I know Most are anticipating this game but I'm not clinching my teeth like most. Knowing how R* works we won't see another trailer a year from now. I'll get excited when the time comes closer. Until then rather focus on the year ahead.

seanpitt2381d ago

Yeah fall 2025 like red dead 2 that was a 2 year time line after the first trailer hit!

thorstein81d ago

I think it's supposed to release April 1st, 25.

There is some R* merch that had the trailer release date on it. Forgot where I read that. PCgamer or one of those gaming sites that all look exactly alike.

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Obscure_Observer82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I´m with you brother!


RaidenBlack82d ago

Make it two