Get ready, PlayStation Plus Season of Play starts tomorrow

Celebrate the holidays with new avatars, PlayStation Stars campaigns, eSports tournaments, discounts, and more.

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BrainSyphoned86d ago

*time limited discounts
*time limited ownership

andy8586d ago

Well naturally hence "season" 🙃

S2Killinit86d ago

Hehehe he thought he was unto a revelation.

Abear2185d ago (Edited 85d ago )

“Pay for Time Limited Access”

P_Bomb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

“…with new avatars”

They sure stopped dropping avatars post-PS4! Im using a PS3 one at the moment.

Einhander197286d ago


Lot's of games offer avatars, sometimes you even get special ones for getting the platinum.

P_Bomb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Not a lot. The avatar section in the PS5 store is completely gone. There is no avatar section

Einhander197285d ago

We can argue about what is a lot, but games absolutely still have avatars.

And if you're still using the one from PS3 obviously you haven't cared about it that much... until it was something to complain about.

SyntheticForm85d ago

Just allow the tiniest criticism of Sony and PlayStation, Einhander. There will be no injury to you, I can assure you. You'll feel normal, too.

There's nothing nefarious about people lamenting the omission of features they've previously enjoyed on earlier PlayStation consoles.

shinoff218385d ago

Lol. I still use the turtle that I used my first time on my ps3. Damn. Never thought about that

anast86d ago

Those free online games are sewage.

Einhander197286d ago

What are you even talking about? Everyone can play online for free, it's a free weekend.

VincentVanBro86d ago

He’s saying that fc24, nba 2k24 and cod mw3 all suck. Those are the free online games.

Einhander197285d ago

Unbelievable... you guys aren't even reading anything...

It's every game for every person on PSN, it's a free weekend.

Abear2185d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I bought Teardown it was money well spent, literally the only reason to Sub to premium but this is a game you may actually want to own. This is my conundrum with timed Sub services. Just no thank you on the garbage free games—although it’s nice having online access the few times a year I want to use it.

RAFTECH2686d ago

Garbage. What the hell sony. Give us games…. Not trash perks and gimmicks

S2Killinit86d ago

What you mean like free games?

Einhander197285d ago

Sony can't even give away free stull without people complaining, you guys are just screwing yourselves.

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Remedy Takes Full Control of Control Franchise From 505 Games

Remedy Entertainment has announced that they've purchased the full rights to the Control franchise from 505 Games.

isarai11h ago

Oh nice, I wonder if they'll try to do the same with Max Payne 🤔

-Foxtrot9h ago

I hope so, Rockstar ain't doing shit with it sadly.

I loved the gameplay in Max Payne 3, it was fantastic but it just didn't feel like Max Payne at its core, it felt like they were doing a new IP or experimenting with one and reshaped it into Max Payne

The Noire, the atmosphere, the dark grittiness, the graphic novel cutscenes, Mona Saxx were all missing.

I'm hoping if they ever get the rights back they do their own version of Max Payne 3, off the secret ending from MP2 where Mona survives.

Max was finally starting to heal thanks to Mona in MP2 and in MP3 they just put his character back to square one, all that development gone.

isarai8h ago

Kinda what I'm thinking too, like as much as I'd love for R* to give it their unmatched magic touch, they're not doing anything with it.

I loved MP3, only gripe was that the story had very little to do with Max personally but it was still great. The Mona ending would be amazing and honestly not entirely out of the realm since MP is kinda considered part of the control universe, though I would like that to stay out of MP as much as possible and be it's own thing.

The fact that we haven't gotten a MP3 remaster is crazy imo