Games32: Prince Of Persia Review

Don't be fooled by the fact it's the fourth in the series. It's a complete revamp with a brand new prince and introducing a brand new supporting character: Elika. And while it's certainly a lot easier than Prince of Persia 2, it's not as easy as it looks at the beginning. Give it a shot, and you may enjoy one of the best story and gaming experience ever.

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BI0RAPTOR3566d ago

I bought this game just 3days ago and I am glad I did.The whole feel & look of the game is completely different.Also you have choices on how you want to play the game,you are not blind folded down one path.The combat system for me was a bit hard to get the full potential out of it because there are so many combos to remember.But when you do pull of the combos some of them are visually fantastic.The graphics are fresh and I would say almost cartoon like type,although I am not playing it on a LCD TV so I am probably not getting the full effect but what I am getting it is still beautiful,all in all this game is a breath of fresh air.

scamWOW3566d ago

Noob freindly, plays itself
96/100? ROFL!