What Sony’s $8 Billion Lawsuit Might Mean For The Gaming Community

Sony getting slapped with a hefty $7.9 billion lawsuit is probably not the win the gaming community thinks it is.

Kingrizzy9080d ago

Half of the people will buy games from the ps store again anyway so they will get some of it back anyways

derek80d ago

Just because a court doesn't dismiss a case from the outset for having zero merit, doesn't mean there is a likelihood of ultimate success.

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Inverno80d ago

IDK what to think of this. Thing is I've seen games on sale on PSN and Steam and they're almost always cheaper on Steam, but idk the pricing on Xbox. This is just to fill their own pockets with money so honestly I hope they lose cause they aren't siding with consumers, just money.

BeHunted80d ago

Where can I buy PlayStation Digital games? Only on PlayStation Store

Where can I buy Xbox and Steam digital games? Cdkeys, Game, Argos, Amazon etc...

There's your answer. If Sony is going to do digital only console they have a Monopoly on their 3rd party Digital games.

anast80d ago

Almost all gaming runs through Windows OS, who owns Windows?

Inverno80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Except you CAN buy PSN games on CDKeys and G2A. Sure the selection isn't huge, but there's your other option. Also games are available on other platforms and you aren't forced to buy a PlayStation. A monopoly would mean there aren't alternatives, which there's 5 other platforms you can game on without ever needing a PlayStation device.

BeHunted80d ago


Sony to Stop Retailers Selling PS4 Game Codes on April 1st 2019


Inverno80d ago

Sure, but despite that I still see a few games on CD keys and G2A. Plus I don't think that proves a monopoly because there isn't much of an point in buying a card for a digital game. Since most likely GameStop would also be the ones deciding the prices and digital games at the time were often cheaper on sale and GS most likely wouldn't have lowered the prices.

Extermin8or3_80d ago

Except those typically never decrease in price. You go try and buy a digital code of agame that's on sale on Nintendo store or ms store and it'll still be full price. You can buy top up cards and ps plus subs on cards. Tell me can you buy apps, gsmes, music off apples store via codes? Or the oogle store via codes for individual items? No.

DivineHand12580d ago

@anast I am not sure what point you are trying to make. Are you saying every game and software that is released on Windows have to pay Microsoft a royalty fee?

@Inverno While it is possible to purchase PS5 digital games from 3rd party sources, it is not for the general population. Right now, Sony still has a monopoly on the distribution of PS plus subscriptions and digital games.

The majority of the ps5 games I see on G2A are not keys but accounts with the game license assigned to them. Once in a while you will find a CD key for a ps5 game on CDKeys and this is usually when Sony bundles a digital code with the PS5 and the person wants to sell the code. Again, this is not for the majority of persons to take advantage of but the few that comes across it.

VariantAEC78d ago

Can't you also buy digital codes for PSN games on Amazon?
I've never done it buy I'm fairly certain this was a thing late in PS3's life cycle or early in PS4's.

VariantAEC78d ago

Yeah, actually it is nice to know I'm not going crazy.

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FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

They're pretty comparable in my country, sometimes Sony is cheaper, sometimes Steam, I normally choose the Steam version these days.