Rockstar Announcing GTA 6's Trailer Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Tweet Of All Time

The GTA 6 trailer date announcement has sent shockwaves across the industry, even making other companies follow its format.

RaidenBlack87d ago

"And The GTA 6 Leak Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Social Post Of All Time"

Stuart575687d ago

No leak will spoil the hype or anticipation, tomorrow can't come soon enough

Profchaos87d ago

Saw the leak and it was disappointingly compressed and ugly definitely not worth the kid dragging his father's name through the mud over. not that anything would be.

Dirtnapstor87d ago

From what I've heard, that leak was not even real. Fan made, spliced from multiple games into this "GTA6" leak.

RaidenBlack87d ago

I think you're talking about the "leaked-trailer" ... that was a fake (had Watch_Dogs 2 clips as well)
but the short clip showing a top-down view of the city is supposedly legit.

LordoftheCritics86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Look forward to this documentary of the USA.

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poppatron87d ago

Oh man… I’m absolutely jazzed for this

BrainSyphoned87d ago

Xbox tax. It obviously is Starfield that holds that honor and GTA6 only got close because of Game Pass rumors.

GamerRN87d ago

Really bad and inappropriate sarcasm used to slam Xbox on a post that had nothing to do with it.

RaidenBlack87d ago

well ... here's some stats for some in-game reveal trailers, not initial game announcement or logo reveal:
the Starfield reveal teaser is at 18million views (2 years later)
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer is at 13 million views (2 years later)
Cyberpunk reveal trailer is at 23 million views (but 5 years later)
the God of War reveal & gameplay is at 22 million views (but 7 years later) [... and my most favorite reveal]
Spider-Man 1 reveal trailer is at 33 million views (but 7 years later)

KwietStorm_BLM87d ago

I would say y'all are insufferable if it wasn't so damn funny reading this nonsense so often.

Profchaos87d ago

Unsurprisingly Rockstar has a history of doing this gta iv's reveal trailer was so popular it broke the internet or pretty much every single gaming related site out there I remember I couldn't see it until the next day and that after spending hours trying (if you're old like me you'd remember this was in the pre YouTube era)

Thankfully we live in the modern era where YouTube is fault tolerance tested and meant to handle the tsunami that will be everyone and jack Thompson checking out Rockstar's latest offering

Redgrave87d ago

Do you guys think this will be the first GTA to feature dynamic weather? Like tropical storms and such.

roadkillers87d ago

Without a doubt. Hearing the rumors of 70% of the buildings you can enter, I expect RDR2 level x10. Hoping for building that breakdown and have "workers" repair them.

tbagmonster86d ago

its miami, not many buildings , mostly 1 to 2 floors

Profchaos87d ago

Define dynamic the old games used a table lookup system to give that illusion it was technically dynamic

Redgrave87d ago

I suppose by dynamic I mean large scale events like tropical storms/hurricanes, like the BF 2042 sandstorm or tornado as an example.

As roadkillers said, destruction of buildings would be welcome too.

Profchaos87d ago

I don't think you will ever have unscripted destruction in a Rockstar game mainly because of a building collapsed it would need to stay like that for the duration of the game unless you have people working on repairs like in rdr2 how the townspeople built new buildings in valentine over the course of a playthrough they started as construction but eventually build a building.

Scripted destruction like in the mission where Avery has you drive a toy helicopter into a construction site sure