STALKER 2 Dev: It's Hard to Say How Long Polishing Will Take; Confirms XSX 60 FPS & PC Minimum GPU

STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World resurfaced with new details shared in an interview.

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Rimeskeem88d ago

omg finally, a dev that doesn't require you to have a $300 gpu to play their game.

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Number1TailzFan87d ago

Probably in performance mode and upscaling from 720p like the other UE5 games with an unstable frame rate during intense scenes.

Obscure_Observer87d ago

"Probably in performance mode and upscaling from 720p like the other UE5 games with an unstable frame rate during intense scenes."

Yeah. That´s what I´m expecting to be honest. Not sure if the GSC Game World are using VSMs, but I heard from the developer they were taking advantage of both Nanite and Lumen for this game.

They´re in the polishing process right now, so here´s hoping they can deliver a smooth and consistent as possible experience for all platforms.

Minute Man 72187d ago

Uncharted on PS3 was 720p and looked beautiful

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Demetrius87d ago

I heard they been going through bulls*** cause of immature hackers but I'm glad yo see they are maintaining progress this gives me hope on how the other devs are doing with metro 4, post apocalyptic be a vibe

Lightning7787d ago

I think this this game will release late next year from the sounds of it.

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The studio that somehow improved on Half-Life with Black Mesa teases beta tests for its next game

The studio responsible for refining Half-Life with an unofficial, Valve-approved reimagining has teased an upcoming project that needs beta testers.

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XiNatsuDragnel1d 1h ago

Excited for your next game guys.


Toys for Bob going independent

Toys for Bob: "We’re thrilled to announce that Toys for Bob is spinning off as an independent game development studio!"

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OtterX4h ago

That's wonderful news! I really liked what they did w the Crash and Spyro trilogy remasters, and even Crash 4 was pretty good.

They had been placed on Call of Duty stuff these last few years, so I don't think that really plays to their strength. I want to see them stick to family friendly platformers. Particularly the Spyro trilogy, my kids have been having a blast with.
It seems like their partnership with Activision, Microsoft may continue with these franchises.Hopefully they'll continue to be multiplatform.

darthv723h ago

They would be a good team to work on Banjo Kazooie. That plays to their strength.

-Foxtrot2h ago


I can’t imagine playing Crash or Spyro outside of my PlayStation

It’s a nostalgia thing

crazyCoconuts4h ago

So... a group of people that used to be employed by MS are suddenly no longer employed by MS and working on their own. I'm glad they banded together to try and start something, but how is this not another way of saying the entire team was either laid off or quit? Like.. I'm sure they don't own any IP for Banjo or anything...

darthv723h ago

MS gave them their freedom from the Activision chains.

1h ago
ZwVw3h ago

I don't understand this logic. They'd been wanting to go indie for a while but were denied under the previous regime at Acti-Blizz. Now that they're free, it's suddenly an issue?

Asplundh3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Because Microsoft always has to be the villains in the story for some people.

crazyCoconuts2h ago

Anyone can go indie. Just quit lol.
Their team got heavily impacted by layoffs. This is just another way of saying they no longer work for Microsoft.
These people are not getting paychecks until they find some companies to pay them is my point.

Lightning772h ago

They're still employed by MS they're independent from ABK. Not fodder for COD anymore.

1h ago
Inverno3h ago

Hope for their success as indie! Activision can shuvitt.