DNF Duel Reveals Release Date and Gameplay For New DLC Character Battle Mage

It's December, so it's almost time for DNF Duel players to enjoy a new DLC character, the Battle Mage, who finally has a release date.

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Arc System Works' DNF Duel Is Available Now For Free on the Epic Games Store

Today Nexon and Epic Games announced the newest free game to land on the Epic Games Store to celebrate the Holidays, and it's DNF Duel.

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blackblades73d ago

Damn, wish I a had pc handheld

bangoskank72d ago

Not free in the US. At least not yet. Logged into my account and it's listed at $49.99.

blackblades72d ago

Lol its because you missed the deadline, it was limited time like they always are. N4G isnt the best place for these kinda news cause always comes around late. Got to CAG or wario64 on Twitter for free and discounted games

bangoskank72d ago

That sucks. I was actually really interested in playing this too. Why post this news after the deadline is over? Lol!
Oh Well...


DNF Duel Reveals The Battle Mage's Moves and New Meister's Laboratory Stage

If you want to see more about the Battle Mage, the new DLC character coming soon to DNF Duel, you have come to the right place.

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DNF DUEL DLC character Battle Mage announced

Publisher Nexon, and developers Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting have announced DNF DUEL downloadable content character Battle Mage (voiced by Nanami Yamashita). She will launch in December.