New Street Fighter 6 Costumes Prices Rack Up More Than the Game, and Fans Are Upset

The new Street Fighter 6 costumes prices are causing an outrage amongst fans due to their high total cost and lack of a bundle option.

autobotdan82d ago

Street Fighter 6 has become Dead or Alive 7

hombreacabado82d ago

anytime they release anything now itll be met with the realization that itll cost you 200 dollars to purchase.

EvertonFC82d ago

All in game purchases for 99% of them take the piss, CoD Nicky Minaj or snoop dog £20 each like wtf and obviously gamers are paying it.

Chocoburger82d ago

Instead of "microtransactions" shouldn't we be referring to them as "megatransactions" at this point?


Next Street Fighter 6 DLC Character Ed Gets Release Date and Gameplay Reveal

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Rynxie13d ago

What's with these bland characters? They suck. I wish they would have continued the third strike story characters.


Capcom Announces Strong Financial Results on Track to Achieve 11 Consecutive Years of Profit Growth

Capcom published its financial results for the 9 months ended on December 31, 2023, and they continue to be extremely strong.

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Retro198624d ago

Well deserved, they have done a great job with the games they have released. 👍😊

Skuletor24d ago

That Enigma DRM though, yikes


How To Get Into Fighting Games in 5 Easy Steps

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