Should EA Follow Call of Duty's Developer Cycle for Battlefield and Release Spinoff Franchises?

EA following the Activision route of releasing a Call of Duty title every year for the Battlefield franchise could be a good thing for fans.

-Foxtrot88d ago

They can't even get their main games right

Nitrowolf288d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I know, which might do the franchise wonder if another dev made their own take on it, or made a better game.

Outside of COD releasing every year, they have three studios working on the franchise, with three different games. At least when one is really bad you have another studio to look forward to

But knowing EA, they'd prob find a way to screw it up. At least there's Respawn head now leading one

just_looken88d ago

They as in dice if ea tossed the ip to another dev it would be interesting to see what we get.

il-JumperMT86d ago

I mean BF always released like garbage since BF2142.
Then they take years fixing it and becomes a classic.

Though battlefield team is no longer working at DICE. They are making The Finals (which is awesome but its more an arena than BF)

isarai88d ago

They need to follow everything they were doing before 2012

OtterX87d ago

Like mentioned in this article, why have we not had a Bad Company 3? BC2 had such personality and the destruction in mp was quite amazing for its time. Heck, remake BC2. Probably my most played military shooter of all time.

Husker42c87d ago

Or remake Battlefield 2. That's my favorite in the series.

P_Bomb87d ago

Bad Company 2 was aces! I still remember planting C4 on foundation walls and dropping said building on the other team, lol.

OtterX86d ago

I used to strap c4 to my jeep, drive it into buildings and jump out at the last second b4 triggering! I became quite efficient at it... ahh the memories! :')

anast87d ago

They should turn it into a mobile pay to win game.

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Sciurus_vulgaris47d ago

CoD is usually right behind Fortnite on the most played lists of Xbox live and PSN. Fortnite has more players than its nearest competitors, or its players play substantially more. Another possibility is that Fortnite’s most hardcore players largely [or soley ]play just Fortnite.

Zeref45d ago

There's a lot of kids playing fortnite. They have all the time in the world so it makes sense.

Jin_Sakai46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

There was 2.4 million people playing Lego Fortnite a while back but it’s dropped off the map since there’s a huge lack of content and the game is riddled with bugs and server lag. They pretty much sent it out to die.

--Onilink--46d ago

It has just barely been 1 month since the game mode came out…..kinda hard to blame them for not putting out a whole bunch of content and updates in less than 5 weeks since it was released

Jin_Sakai46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

“It has just barely been 1 month since the game mode came out“

This is the problem with gamers nowadays. You should expect a game to be somewhat complete and work properly ant launch. Extra content and updates are icing on the cake.

--Onilink--46d ago

i would say the problem with gamers nowadays would be when they are suddenly expecting content updates for a game mode that has been out for 5 weeks…

Even normal updates can easily take a few weeks to do.

And thats not taking into account that there isnt inherently anything gamebreaking about the bugs in Lego Fortnite?

Can it be better? Yes. Can it have more content? Also yes. Is a completely functional and serviceable game mode as it is right now? Absolutely

Jin_Sakai45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

“Even normal updates can easily take a few weeks to do.“

Why not release it when you have proper content ready instead of pushing out the door in a barebones state? It’s also full of bugs and glitches. Did they not play test before releasing the game?

“Is a completely functional and serviceable game mode as it is right now? Absolutely“

No it’s not. Have you not seen all the X and Reddit post? Literally everyone is having issues building because the server lag is breaking everything or builds just flat out disappearing when logging out and back in.