BrownDust 2 ‘Tales of Sword’ Character Pack Coming Soon

Enter the martial arts era this December in BrownDust 2, the hit adventure RPG from GAMFS N and Neowiz. Beginning on the 23rd, players can obtain the brand-new ‘Tales of Sword’ character pack, which introduces Sylvia, the Sword Queen. Uncover Sylvia’s touching story, starting with a chance encounter with the little Terrorfiend Yuri near Sylvia’s small town. The new character pack also features characters like Dalvi and Nartas, with full voiceovers in both Korean and Japanese.

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Brown Dust 2 Review - Hardcore Droid

A sequel to Brave Nine, Brown Dust 2 is an RPG rich in lore and filled with different kinds of stories for all to enjoy.

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BrownDust 2 Review | Hardcore iOS

BrownDust 2 is a turn-based strategy RPG published by NEOWIZ. It features the series’ signature grid-style battle system, where you can pit the characters you’ve collected against a generous variety of monsters and bosses. A successor to Brave Nine (a.k.a. the original BrownDust), the game tells the tale of a villager-turned-hero named Lathel and his companions as they go on their crusade against the insidious warlocks of Cocytus.

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