Gran Turismo 7 Reveals Gorgeous Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision GT Concept

During the Gran Turismo 7 Manufacturers Cup World Finals, Polyphony Digital and Genesis Motor announced a new Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

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The Three New Cars Set For Gran Turismo 7’s February Update

Set to arrive on the last day of the month, three more cars are on the way to Gran Turismo 7. Here is what to expect, with the models unveiled.

OtterX2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Glad they keep adding more cars! I'd like to see a 90's era Camaro SS added. I drove just a regular 93 Camaro in high school/into college, but liked to imagine myself driving something a bit stronger...until I wrapped it around a telephone pole, broke my neck in 3 places and was airlifted out. I won't drive a sports car in real life to this day ever again, but I'm really wanting to drive a 90s era Camaro in PSVR2, just for memory's sake.


Gran Turismo 7 Is Closing The Gap On GT3 To Become The Highest-Earning Game In The Franchise

When Gran Turismo 7 launched on the PS5 two years ago, it was clear from the jump that this was the beginning of a new era for the franchise.

Killa784d ago

Brilliant game, especially in VR.

fsfsxii4d ago

My condolences to all the GT haters lmao
This game is legendary.

MaximusPrime_4d ago

I'm one of the late purchaser of GT7. Believe me, the game's amazing.

Ironmike3d ago

Me to lovingbit bought 2 months ago

Dudeson4d ago

If only it would release on pc!

anast3d ago

It will in 5years for the gamers that have high end PCs. Imagine playing this on medium settings...

DarXyde4d ago

Eh... But GT3 did it without microtransactions at a lower price. I think GT3 deserves more credit, but that's just me.

Not at all a jab at GT7, but considering the infrastructure today and cost make it easier for the game, it highlights how incredible GT3 performed in its era.

franwex4d ago

I’m in the same boat as you. Also prices are higher now and GT7 is on 2 consoles. While GT3 only on one. Goes to show how big GT3 was.

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Rynxie3d ago

What helped gt3 was the graphical jump from Psx to PS2. It was mind blowing. Gt7 doesn't have that luxury. Gt7 had to focus on gameplay.

DarXyde3d ago

And you think that luxury afforded to GT3 outweighs the expanded gaming market, greater establishment as a franchise over about 2 decades, combined install base of PS4 and PS5 and mtx afforded to GT7?

Information Minister3d ago

There are no microtransactions in GT7, as nothing is locked behind a paywall. You can buy in-game credits with real money to speed up single player progression, but that is completely optional and probably unnecessary. You don't even have to buy a car in order to take part in the weekly online events, you can just borrow one for the race.

It's not like other racing games where you have to buy car and/or track packs with real money if you want to have access to all the content on the game that you already paid for.

DarXyde3d ago

1. We may be operating on different ideas of what micro transactions are. I see micro transactions and in-game purchases as one in the same. Whether you need them to obtain something or not.

2. Regardless of how you define it, I maintain that GT7's dollar amount is bolstered by users making such purchases. My point is very simply that this is not an advantage GT3 had.

There only needs to be one player making such a purchase to prove my point. It's also a way to earn revenue from used games, which if you bought GT3 used, Polyphony didn't earn anything from "in-game purchases" if we're using that nomenclature.

I'm not saying anything crazy here.

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16 Amazing VR Games of All Time [2024 Edition]

GB: "In this feature, we have compiled a list of 16 of the best VR games."

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OtterX16d ago

Hubris made the list in its bland combat, but no mention of MS Flight Simulator which is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in VR (if you have the rig for it).

Markdn4d ago

Is it a game though? It's realistic but that doesn't make it a good game.

ROCKY2816d ago

WipEout Omega VR is the best VR game to date !

Venoxn4g16d ago

In my opinion:

REZ Infinite
Until Dawn: rush of blood
Resident Evil 7

BrainSyphoned15d ago

Subnautica and Euro Truck Simulator 2 are my top 2.

OtterX14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Both amazing VR experiences. I can get behind those choices.