Are Smaller Releases the Way Forward for Triple-A Publishers?

COG writes: Due to the high expectations on the shoulders of mammoth publishers, should they shift their efforts to smaller experiences?

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P_Bomb88d ago

Waiting 5+ years for a sequel or whatever? Yeah, I’m over it.

isarai88d ago

There's no reason they can't release smaller projects in between large releases. They're just obsessed with only AAA blockbusters. They forgot that's how a lot the modern giant ips today got started.

RupeeHoarder87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

To a degree….new blockbuster IP’s have always taken a while though. You just don’t feel like it’s as long because you don’t focus on what you don’t know about yet as a gamer. For example before the last of us 1 did anyone really care? No we were focused on Uncharted. Then once that new IP hits you become hyper focused on clock watching for sequels.

neutralgamer199287d ago

Waiting 5-6 years is too long. It should be 2-3 years max. Sequels shouldn’t be taking 5 years

Uncharted 1-3

All in the same generation and we aren’t talking about long time ago. Now developers are just taking too long

There should be a healthy AA market where games are priced at $49.99

Eonjay87d ago

I think Helldivers 2 meets the bill here. First of all, it's a smaller title....plus it's coming in at $40. I think people want more of these kinda titles. I feel like if they pepper these in between the AAA games that will hit a nice balance.

Psychonaut8587d ago

Please do. I’ll take a smaller dense crafted worlds any day of the week over empty bloated bullshit that disrespects my time with lazy checklist crap.

Antnee53487d ago (Edited 87d ago )

If it replaces dlc I would be all for it

jwillj2k487d ago

As long as price is reflected in the smaller projects then great. Can’t say a game is worth 70+ if the campaign is 10hrs. Doesn’t matter how incredible it is. And if they continue to stuff “collect 20 stickers” filler into that 10hrs then I would say it’s not AAA regardless of what it looks and plays like.

Pyrofire9587d ago

I think prices would definitely be cheaper. Uncharted Lost Legacy ($40) was barely shorter than any of the Uncharted Trilogy.(7 hours vs 8-11) Spider-Man MM was $40 and was able to be quickly produced because of all the work they already did for SM1. Alan Wake was a 21 hour game that could be done even quicker without the couple of side activities and that was $50. I love me some shorter games.

Psychonaut8579d ago

Yup. I’m a grown ass man with a more than full time job, a passion for gaming, and a huge backlog. Not everything has to be a 3 course meal. In the words of one of America’s greatest wise women, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

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