Why You Need To Play More Visual Novels

Visual Novels have always been a niche pleasure, but don't let that prevent you from consuming some of the most peak media of all time.

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Vits87d ago

Please, no.
The last thing VNs need is more mainstream people playing them. That is how we get those super dumb-down localizations, full of censorship.

jambola87d ago

that's fair
last thing we need is a bunch of "visual novels are problematic and need to update to modern standards" bs

Yui_Suzumiya65d ago

I want them to be more popular in the West so at least more people can experience the amazing stories they tell. Some of the best fictional media I've ever experienced were in visual novels. Island, Atri, Grisaia, Danganronpa, Doki Doki Literature Club, Shining Song Starnova. The list goes on.

jznrpg87d ago

I play them already. But I like the VN with the best stories. There is a good amount of them though. Speaking of VN bring all Muv Luv to PS5

Gamingsince198187d ago

"Play" visual novels ? You can click auto play and just watch them play out, with the odd "choice" , I wouldn't say you play them, it's basically an old choose your own adventure book but with far far far less choices to make.

GoodGuy0987d ago

I've played a lot but it sucks many are still untranslated.

Knightofelemia87d ago

Give me more Nekopara and I will play them.

Yui_Suzumiya65d ago

The next one is currently being translated by Denpasoft. Should be finished before you know it.


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