‘New Era, New Energy’: Sega teases Game Awards reveal

Sega appears to be teasing an announcement for The Game Awards next week.

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Battlestar2388d ago

I hope they are revealing that Microsoft is buying them.

neutralgamer199287d ago

This is nonsense. Xbox fans are more excited about acquisitions than actual games. Why are so many Xbox fans always putting acquiring more publishers as the thing they want to see revealed?

Please leave 3rd party developers and publishers alone. MS have a long track record of mismanagement when it comes to their gaming talent

Obscure_Observer87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

"Please leave 3rd party developers and publishers alone. MS have a long track record of mismanagement when it comes to their gaming talent"

False. Rare is 21 years old as part of Xbox first party studios, Mojang will be 10 years old as Xbox first party studio in 2024. Those companies have more time as Xbox studios than they had as independent third party studios.

The company mismanaging its studios is Sony that already got Bungie reduced in 8% in just one year even paying 1.2 billions dollars for talent retention.

Not to mention massive layoffs of developers, closing of studios, big names leaving the company at the top of PS5 games getting canceled.

All recent moves by SIE, so you can look it up! One can only wonder which studio or publisher wants to be acquired by Sony right now in the wake of such events and volatility.

Now, I get that you don´t want more third party studios and publishers to be acquired, I do. And I think its fair. But to come here and pretend that MS is gonna harm those studios and publishers after acquisition is just a fallacy and false narrative.

XGS had 2023 packed with 5 first party games and 2024 is already packed as well with at least 4 first party games in contrast with Playstation Studios which had only one first party game released this year for PS5 owners and has a total of *zero* first party games announced for 2024.

As far actual facts can get you, its not Xbox the brand mismanaging its studios.

Vengeance113887d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Wow @obscure
How much false information can you pack into one post??
1) Sony had absolutely nothing to do with Bungie layoffs, if you can read, that was a Bungie choice.
2) zero first party announced for 2024?? Fake news, Concord is set for 2024.
3) Xbox is the one very commonly known for widespread mismanagement. 343 is a prime example as well as Rare. What's Xbox got coming for 2024? Oh right nothing

You seem highly obsessed over only first party when first party games only play a small percentage in a platforms overall success, if PS5 has no first party games why do you think it still dominates all competition 🤔 its games as a whole, 1st 2nd 3rd party all of it. But I guess you don't understand that since nobody wants to partner with last place MS.

With Xbox having around triple the 1st party studios than Sony, where's all the games?? Where? Should have a game every few months with everything they have instead.... silence and mass delays. Cough mismanagement cough.

notachance87d ago

just a bunch of cheapskates who wouldn’t bother to pay for exclusives if it isn’t in the gamepass.

The more studios they have the more unsustainable gamepass will be, and with their own market share shrinking instead of growing proportionally with the number of studios, it’s only a matter of time before they buckled under the weight of their own acquisitions.

darthv7287d ago

Acquisitions lead to games. Having someone footing the bill and letting you make what you want in the process....

What's not to like about that?

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porkChop87d ago

I don't. Xbox doesn't need another publisher. I could understand picking up some smaller Japanese devs, sure, but they absolutely do not need Sega.

neutralgamer199287d ago

They have the talent and resources now they just need to manage them properly. I think too many fans think acquiring is normal when in reality before this generation we had never seen acquisitions news be this celebrated or get this much attention

tay870186d ago

MS pipe dream, sega ain't selling to MS anyways. They would be extremely fortunate to get any Japanese dev. Maybe someone like platinum would sell to MS.

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago


I don't think we've even seen the levels of acquisitions we've seen this gen and previous, I can't understand why people would cheer for a monopoly when that's been historically bad for the consumer. Microsoft is one of those monopolies that certainly won't act in the consumers best interest.

RAFTECH2687d ago

Acquisition at its finest…. After the activision deal. All other acquisitions will be a breeeeeeze

Vengeance113887d ago

Typical sad pathetic Xbox fan lol I'd bet money that you don't even play games. You play companies lol

notachance87d ago

And completely abandon PS fans who made their 2 arguably most popular series, Yakuza and Persona, as big as it is now?
If not for the absurd notion I’d love to see it happens just to see the backlash from longtime fans, especially from japanese.

andy8587d ago

Isn't a chance on this planet a huge Japanese company would let Microsoft buy them and it'd be the worst thing. Great series like the Yakuza/Like a dragon would go to ruin.

TriniOutsider87d ago

It's been clear already Sega isn't for sale. Do you think Sega wants to give up getting money from Nintendo and Sony for a Microsoft buyout?

tay870186d ago

Setting yourself up for a huge disappointment, because that's not happening.

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Who would want this? Why do you want to destroy another developer like Sega (I actually like Sega despite their missteps)? Microsoft can't handle the studios they already have. The mindset of you people is mind blowing, Microsoft owns enough developers/publishers as it is, they don't need more, they need to actually make games.

isarai86d ago

They literally can't, Japan has protections against foreign countries buying Japanese companies. The most they could hope for is a joint venture.

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Minute Man 72187d ago

Back in the hardware game? Just a speculation, won't happen

Hofstaderman87d ago

I wish. Once XBOX goes third party we need a serious player who can really give the big two a challenge.

-Foxtrot87d ago

I’d like Sega to come back console wise but they can’t even get Sonic right

If their big franchise were being handled well sure, games where you’d want their console to play them but they don’t really have many solid games to justify the system

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

I really wish Sega hadn't made their string of bad decisions back in the day, if only they had stayed in the hardware business instead of Microsoft, maybe things might be better.


Sadly, you never know what you're getting with a Sonic game, they're so all over the place quality-wise.

TriniOutsider87d ago

I doubt it, this has a VF game announcement they have cooking.

Minute Man 72186d ago

Just bring back Eternal Champions

leahcim87d ago

Alpha Protocol sequel, remake maybe?

DaReapa87d ago

I would LOVE for that to happen.