New 'Infamous' Gameplay footage, Force Unleashed 2?

Gamer Limit writes "Two new inFamous gameplay videos have been released on the internet courtesy of the CES, it looks pretty damn awesome although it's hard not to draw parallels in the combat system between inFamous and The Force Unleashed."

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sonarus4192d ago

lol lucas arts should be ashamed. Game is a sandbox game and it looks better than force unleashed. Force unleashed was trash and aside from the force lighting thats where all similarities end.

How can you say combat system is similar thats like comparing Tekken to Mario. Just because you can jump in both doesn't make them similar in anyway. Aside from force lightning i see nothing else i can compare the two games with

Fullish4192d ago

Well I think it's more the physics manipulation not the combat that draws the similarities.

Marceles4192d ago

inFamous does look really similar to Force Unleashed...and yes the game could have been better but it wasn't as bad as people said. The only problem I had with Force Unleashed though was the lock on, that's about it.

Pixel_Addict4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

the powers in the game inFAMOUS have more depth to them. The electricity based powers are effected by the environment, metal objects intensify electric attacks, your powers are extracted from electrical sources (ie phone booths), and the electrical powers are used in various ways not found in Force Unleased. That game's character simply uses a lighting bolt to 'zap' enemies... NOTHING MORE.

Ignore this article, another BS post by this plague of Xbox fanatics.

eagle214192d ago

Infamous is awesome and has been in development for several years.

Snow4192d ago

The force unleashed would of been a great game if only they made the lightsabers ACT like lightsabers.Instead of baseball bats -_-

No decapitation FTL.

sonarus4192d ago

I still have force unleashed and i still think its trash and i am a HUGE star wars fan. As far as combat goes there are simply no similarities between them beyond lightning.

The art direction is similar though and both main characters are bald

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Kleptic4192d ago too...I don't really see what the big deal is, although I haven't really followed this title...

i'm also on full killzone 2 mode as far as visuals...this looks very PS2 like in comparison imo...but that may be an unfair nothing really compares to killzone 2 anyway...

scheme_a4192d ago

I'd say "PS2-like" is a bit of a stretch even comparing to KZ2.
Same trailer is available in GT as well.

And I think it looks fantastic.
I like the open world and fast-paced free running style moves.
At the end of the movie there are quite a lot of explosions, but there isn't much framerate drop, and i'm surprised about that as well.

I'm really excited about this and prototype.

Ziriux4192d ago

The story in The Force Unleashed was epic.

Spike474192d ago

will be the beginning of a new sucessful franchise on the PS3.

Blackcanary4192d ago

game looks a bit empty not a lot going on. don't understand whats so good about it.

LarVanian4192d ago

Sucker Punch is making it. Thats what so good about it.
The combat looks like Uncharted combat with electricity instead of guns. Oh and Greg Miller also said it is awesome.

Just watch the videos on IGN. They're inCredible.

Blackcanary4192d ago

Have seen the video and i still don't get what so great about it. The streets seems very empty not a lot going on.

but thats just how i feel from what i'm looking at.

Kaneda4191d ago

This game looks like GTA IV.. GTA IV won GOTY some game sites. This game will be GOTY 2009. Oh wait, it doesn't have sex, drugs theme.. not a chance!


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