Respawn still has “no plans” to move Apex Legends to a new game engine

During a recent Reddit AMA, Respawn Entertainment reiterated once again that Apex Legends is not moving to a new engine despite its issues.

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Jin_Sakai89d ago

Doesn’t surprise me coming from Respawn. Quit playing Apex Legends ages ago. Still no 120fps mode and the engine is dated as hell.

Furesis88d ago

What? What difference does it make for you what engine it is running on? 120 fps mode? come to PC. And if they make it in a new engine it'll just be MORE demanding, that's what always happens.
It just sounds like that you don't like the game

Jin_Sakai88d ago

Because it looks like a last gen game and Fortnite and CoD both have a 120fps mode.

Gamingsince198188d ago

It would be a heck of a lot of work to redo it on a new engine I imagine

Binarycode87d ago

I don't play it, but it's got it's own unique style. Look wise. Like Fortnite.

I get the 120fps part, if your bothered about that.

As for COD, that's dated as well tbh. Still using quake3 netcode by the looks of it.

Duke1988d ago

Would probably make more sense to make a second game on a new engine rather than completely overhaul the existing game

Furesis88d ago

I don't se the point either. The sound issue is not as bad as it sounds and should be fixable in the current engine. I don't think people realize how stupid of a move that would be to do such a thing for almost no reason but to just be on the "New Thing" because new=better obviously....
The game is fine as is.

Jin_Sakai88d ago

Why have a better engine when you can stick with a 19 year old engine. Makes sense.

Furesis88d ago

you would not even notice it unless someone said so

FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago

I don't even know why people would want this, it looks fine, it runs fine, it's not even common practice to move a game to a new engine every time a new one comes out, just give me Titanfall 3 instead.

oIMyersIo87d ago

Apex is filled with Cronus users anyway.

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Stonilein1d 1h ago

I want a Sony exclusive fps like Killzone with no Cross play


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