PS5, Xbox Announcements We Hope to See at the Game Awards 2023 - Next-Gen Console Watch

IGN writes: "Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week Daemon Hatfield is joined by Max Scoville, host of IGN’s PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond, and Destin Legarie from IGN's Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked. The Game Awards are next week, and we're excited for all the potential announcements at the show. Could we see anything from Ghost of Tsushima 2? Maybe a teaser for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? Or possibly a first look at Grand Theft Auto 6? Plus we have the results of last week's poll, and a new poll for you to vote on at IGN.com."

Obscure_Observer84d ago

Will Playstation announce anything at all?

Einhander197283d ago

Will Phil come on stage to cry yet again about how much more popular PlayStation is?

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RAFTECH2683d ago

They can’t announce anything.

Lord Spencer is already gonna take over the Game awards.

BehindTheRows83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

You should be more worried about the brand you can't live without. Don't worry about PlayStation — it, as usual, is doing fine.

Obscure_Observer82d ago

I´m not worried. That was an objective question.

BehindTheRows81d ago

"Objective question"? From you? About PlayStation?


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isarai84d ago

I just want at least one PlayStation 1st party announcement either at the game awards, or a before the year is up. This big void on the horizon looks like it's gonna suck.

RaidenBlack83d ago

Killzone 2 Remaster, plz 🤞🏻

REDGUM83d ago

All of them please not just the 2nd game. Whilst their at it, Resistance games would be appreciated. No need for the xmas wrapping paper though :)

porkChop82d ago

Remasters of Killzone 1-3 and Resistance 1-3 would be great. But they'd better include the multiplayer for KZ2.

isarai82d ago

Oh gawd, you guys are talking dirty to me right now 😩 lol

RAFTECH2683d ago

Lord Spencer will announce they have acquired take-two……

What is 3 billion compared to 69 billion?

eagle2183d ago

Lame Spencer. Fixed. You're welcome. ;p

porkChop82d ago

Nah. Take-Two is worth over $26B. That's not happening. I think if any publisher is going to be acquired by Sony or MS it would be Embracer. They're struggling hard and are at risk of entirely falling apart. They own a ton of great IP and have some great dev teams though.

DOMination-83d ago

FPS Star Wars game. Published by EA, developed by ex-Medal of Honor team.......

jBlakeeper82d ago

I don’t foresee GTA VI being featured at the Game Awards. The trailer comes out December 5th and Rockstar usually doesn’t partake in big gaming events. With that being said pretty much everything else will feel mundane coming off of the GTA VI trailer.


Pacific Drive devs ruffle feathers over baffling decision to only target 4K 30FPS on PS5

PS5 exclusive Pacific Drive is a remarkable and unique experience, but its targeted performance of 4K 30fps is frustrating players.

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Jin_Sakai2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

It’s ridiculous this day and age to not give a 60fps option with lower resolution.

porkChop6m ago

Depends on the game. Lowering resolution isn't always enough to get 60fps. Sometimes even lowering graphics settings isn't enough. If there's a lot of CPU-bound stuff going on you can end up in a situation where 60fps just isn't possible. I'm not saying Pacific Drive is that situation at all, I'm just explaining that 60fps isn't always going to be possible.

Neonridr12h ago

the fact that this isn't locked @ 30fps means they should have given us a 60fps mode.

MrBaskerville3h ago

Didn't notice the 30 fps, but didn't notice the 4k either.

jznrpg3h ago

The physical copy comes out in April I believe. Hopefully by the time I get the game they patch in some other options. I’m not totally turned off by 4k 30fps as I have played some games in fidelity mode but I like to have the options to choose for myself.

phoenixwing1h ago

I get what you're saying on 30fps but in a racer 60fps or more can help with reaction speed.

jznrpg34m ago

Yeah I’d prefer 60 fos on a driving game for sure. Not sure if this a racer or what it is really but you are in a car so I’d like to try it out in multiple modes.

porkChop11m ago

Pacific Drive isn't a racer. It's more of a Driving Thriller/Horror game. Reaction time isn't really that important here.

TwoPicklesGood1h ago

60 fps or bust