The driving-survival adventure “Pacific Drive” is coming to PC and Playstation on Feb 22nd, 2024

"The London-based (the UK) indie games publisher and developer Kepler Interactive and Seattle -based (the US) indie games developer Ironwood Studios, are today super excited and happy to announce that their driving-survival adventure “Pacific Drive”, is coming to PC (via Steam) and Playstation (PS5 and PS4) on February 22nd, 2024." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Pacific Drive devs ruffle feathers over baffling decision to only target 4K 30FPS on PS5

PS5 exclusive Pacific Drive is a remarkable and unique experience, but its targeted performance of 4K 30fps is frustrating players.

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Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

It’s ridiculous this day and age to not give a 60fps option with lower resolution.

porkChop1d 2h ago

Depends on the game. Lowering resolution isn't always enough to get 60fps. Sometimes even lowering graphics settings isn't enough. If there's a lot of CPU-bound stuff going on you can end up in a situation where 60fps just isn't possible. I'm not saying Pacific Drive is that situation at all, I'm just explaining that 60fps isn't always going to be possible.

Bathyj1d 2h ago

Pork chop you think this game is CPU intensive?

Thats rhetorical.

If Helldivers can do it , this game can too.

porkChop1d 1h ago


Do you just not bother reading before responding?

Profchaos1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

It really has to be a target at the start of development it's not as easy as lowering resolution and brute forcing it. Given its a small team they probably have some underlying problems occurring.

As we trudge to the mid gen point and enter the later stages a 30 fps cap will become commonplace as it does literally every generation since we started getting 3D games

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frostypants15h ago(Edited 14h ago)

This right here. 4K in general is often a waste of horsepower. Most people don't sit close enough to discern 4K from 2K. I don't know why everyone insisted on going straight from 1080p to 4K other than feeling obligated to max out the TV.

hollabox10h ago

Depends on the game and what graphical features are given up. For example, I flat-out can't deal with close to the screen pop up from shadows, textures, to geometry. Nothing more distracting than driving and see a shadow constantly getting drawn in at mid screen is too visually distracting. I'll take sharp 30 FPS than deal with bushes, trees, shadows, ect getting drawn in 5 meters from my character. Games with poor upscaling to reach 60 FPS using low internal resolutions is too visually distracting as well. Hey, give me dynamic 4k60 and I'm good, or maybe 1728P is the lowest I'm willing to go for 60 FPS with little to no pop in.

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Neonridr1d 15h ago

the fact that this isn't locked @ 30fps means they should have given us a 60fps mode.

MrBaskerville1d 6h ago

Didn't notice the 30 fps, but didn't notice the 4k either.

jznrpg1d 6h ago

The physical copy comes out in April I believe. Hopefully by the time I get the game they patch in some other options. I’m not totally turned off by 4k 30fps as I have played some games in fidelity mode but I like to have the options to choose for myself.

phoenixwing1d 4h ago

I get what you're saying on 30fps but in a racer 60fps or more can help with reaction speed.

jznrpg1d 3h ago

Yeah I’d prefer 60 fos on a driving game for sure. Not sure if this a racer or what it is really but you are in a car so I’d like to try it out in multiple modes.

porkChop1d 2h ago

Pacific Drive isn't a racer. It's more of a Driving Thriller/Horror game. Reaction time isn't really that important here.

phoenixwing1d ago

That's my bad that I thought this was a racer. I guess it's not so bad but some ppl prefer 60fps nowadays

MrBaskerville22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

The game is pretty slow paced. You will rarely be driving fast and reacting fast. Though I guess you can potentially upgrade the engine, so might change later on.

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