Final Fantasy Tactics director says there's currently "no plans" to remaster the RPG

Earlier this week, Yasumi Matsuno - writer and director of Final Fantasy Tactics - replied to a fan on Twitter and cleared up those remaster rumors. When asked if the developer could add a progression system to the game's Ultima spell in any potential remasters, Matsuno replied: "Currently, there are no plans for remastering," before asking the fan (and others) to direct any requests to Square Enix instead of them.

Snookies1285d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Would love to see a full-on remake of Tactics some day. Superb game. I still remember my second or third playthrough, finding out that a certain "other" Final Fantasy character could be recruited... Kind of blew my mind haha. (Even though they started at level 1 unfortunately.)

OtterX84d ago

Yea, I just saw Matsuno's second response:

"I'm very sorry.
That's all can say as my position right now.
I'll leave it to you whether you believe it or not.
Thank you."

If SquareEnix completely remakes the game, he isn't lying at all. It won't be a remaster.

I believe Final Fantasy Tactics is special enough that they would put in the extra effort for a remake!

Michiel198984d ago

it wouldn't ship enough compared to other titles they can remaster I imagine. It definitely deserves a remake, but I think it's low on their list. If you want a similar game, you could try out Triangle Strategy (it's on steam now as well).

OtterX85d ago

That's a real shame. I was hoping they would do a Tactics Remastered which included the PS1, GBA and DS titles. 3 of my favorite games of all time.

Relientk7785d ago

Hopefully he's just trying to mislead everyone. I would love a Final Fantasy Tactics remake. I have such fond memories of playing this and Tactics Ogre, growing up. Tactics Ogre got a remake now its Final Fantasy Tactics turn. I would buy it day 1.

CrimsonWing6984d ago (Edited 84d ago )

This actually hurts. I was playing Tactics Ogre Reborn and thinking how amazing it’s going to be to have current-gen HD Remaster or Remake of FF Tactics… really bummed out by this.

shinoff218384d ago

Maybe no remaster cause it's being remade Ala star ocean 2 style. I'd love to see a full on ff7 remake looking tactics game but star ocean 2 remake style is acceptable.

Michiel198984d ago

I'd prefer if they kept it sprites and not 3d models, there's something about sprites in tactics games that just makes it fit way better than most 3d tactics games.

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thorstein1d 8h ago

Interesting what happens when you treat employees like humans. You get incredible games and revenue.

It's a formula for success.

Jon615861d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

True that. Happy workers are more productive workers at least in my experience. I wish American developers would get eith the program.

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So easy to understand yet this isn’t followed by most corporations who treat their employees like numbers

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My hope, not verified, is From pays their ultra-hard working staff properly...


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Lexreborn21d 13h ago

I was REALLY looking forward to this game but this was legit my biggest let down. The removal of Firearms just didn't sit right with me. Having to spend upwards 20 hours to get the things that make the game fun like the grappling hook and kite just irritated me. But the biggest offense was going into my friends world to help and none of my progress carrying over from co-op. That is NOT co-op and it's not fun, I have to see what changes they've made maybe I'll revisit but honestly can't believe how much of the ball they dropped after how amazing the first was.

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Holy hell the update is just freak’n terrible. The gun mission is one of the worst things cooked up in recent history. Take a page right of Facr Cry 6 dlc/updates and insert it here: Same horrible uninspired type tack-on level and missions that are basically the special operations in far cry 6 and you get…guns. Wow you guys really went all out here with an original idea. 😕


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phoenixwing2d ago

If it had a offline mode I would have bought it