Resident Evil 4 VR Mode vs. Rina Sawayama | PS VR2 Games

Watch Rina Sawayama go face-to-rotting face with terrifying infected villagers in Resident Evil 4 VR Mode on PlayStation®VR2. Available December 8th.

ApocalypseShadow88d ago

PS VR 2, hybrid, high-end, high fidelity, RE exclusive domination.

Keep them coming to consoles Capcom and Sony. Besides more AAA quality VR games. 2024 is going to have more surprises.

Abnor_Mal87d ago

I’ve been waiting for this vr mode for a while, finally the day is close at hand.


Resident Evil 4 VR Mode - Dev Diaries | PS VR2 Games

Peek behind the bloodied curtain of Resident Evil 4 VR Mode, and see how Capcom is harnessing the power of PlayStation VR2.

Babadook770d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Way to go Capcom! Proving you can port a 3rd person traditional game into 1st person VR and produce a better and more immersive experience.

That being said, this particular game you are perhaps a bit OP with the hands on control of weapons giving you too much of an edge.

Leeroyw70d ago

Yes I agree. But I can't complain. It's so. Much. Fun

Solitariussaint68d ago

Thank you Capcom! It is a truly great honor to play Resident Evil 4 VR for PSVR2!

Capcom, we love all of your dedication and hard work in making this game a reality... Truly Capcom are the VR masters!


Resident Evil 4 VR Mode interview: new gameplay features, learnings from RE Village and more

Fresh details ahead of launch, including improved weapon immersion, headset feedback and more combat options.

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crazyCoconuts83d ago

Dude on the right needs some finger gun coaching


Dive Headset First into Resident Evil™ 4 VR Mode on Dec. 8, 2023

Got something new for ya, stranger! Resident Evil™ 4 VR Mode is welcoming players to enter the world of survival horror on Dec. 8, 2023. Step into the boots of Leon S. Kennedy and experience his action-packed journey closer than ever with PlayStation®VR2. This immersive new way to enjoy the award-winning title will be available as free DLC for all PlayStation®5 owners of Resident Evil™ 4.
A free demo for Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is creeping to the PlayStation™ Store the same day. The Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Gameplay Demo provides a 360° look at the game’s opening and new features, including the Shooting Range, where players can experiment with weapons and get a feel for the realistic controls.

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-Ghost90d ago

I was patiently waiting for this. Bought it on release day but decided to wait for the VR2 update. I haven't played the game since the PS2 release so I'm stoked to dive in next week.

ocelot0790d ago

Yup same, Just could never get into re4 back on the GameCube/PS2. But I have purposely waited to buy re4 remake until the vr version released so it would be my first play through.

Neonridr90d ago

me too, I purchased the game as well and it's just been sitting there waiting for the VR mode. That's ok because I had a crap ton of other games to play, just about to finish up AW2, so it'll be perfect timing for this update to release.

Babadook790d ago

I has fearing this would only come 2024. So excited for this.

ravens5290d ago

I just got it for 26$ on black Friday. I was about to play it but then I saw this. Can't wait! Might even take some shrooms.

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Neonridr90d ago

awesome.. I haven't even touched my copy of RE4 because I was waiting for this moment.

I wanted to go in blind!

TheColbertinator90d ago

Looks cool. I can't stand VR but it looks cool.

Bathyj90d ago

Have you tried psvr2
Maybe you can stand it.

TheColbertinator89d ago

Nope. The motion sickness gets to me whether it is PSVR or Quest.

My eyes have disagreed with VR since the days of Virtua Boy

Bathyj88d ago

Well that's why I specially asked about psvr2.

Your saying you don't like hamburgers because you don't like MacDonald's.

Petebloodyonion90d ago

Resident Evil 8 was actually pretty easy to stomach as a VR experience despite having often run and quick turns.
The only portion of the game that gave me some VR sickness was riding the boat down the river.
PSVR2 is a big step versus the old PSVR in this regard due to the stability of the screen and no drifting.
I expect RE4 re to offer a similar experience.

aaronlif1090d ago

Definitely going to play this. I also really hope we see a VR version of Resident Evil 2 someday

Vanfernal90d ago

Super psyched for this! RE Village went from a 8/10 to a 10 for me when I played it in VR!