Overwatch 2 Season 8 Patch Notes Preview

ESTNN writes: "Overwatch 2 has seen a ton of new changes over the year. Apart from the major tweaks done to its competitive ranked system, big changes have been done to some of the game's signature heroes to fix long-standing balance issues. And with Season 8 and Mauga's big entrance capping off the year, the Overwatch 2 team over at Blizzard has revealed big changes players can expect on December 5."


Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes changes focus on health and a Pharah rework

The Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes are available, with health changes and a pretty significant rework to Pharah being the highlights.

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12d ago

GeForce NOW Celebrates 4th Anniversary With the Addition of Diablo IV, Overwatch 2 and Many Others

NVIDIA's GeForce NOW cloud streaming service is celebrating its 4th anniversary with the addition of multiple titles, including Diablo IV.

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Overwatch 2 Has Generated Over $225 Million In Revenue, Exceeding Forecast By 130%

Overwatch 2 has reportedly performed more than $225 million in revenue, exceeding the forecasts and KPIs by 130%.

solideagle34d ago

when I saw youtube videos around it, everyone claimed it was a flop/bad game. I am assuming it's a good game that's why people are playing it :)

Kiryu199234d ago

It was sold on the promise of single player content that was cancelled and you know gamers don’t speak with their wallets

Otherwise we wouldn’t see micro transactions generating billions on yearly basis from games which cost full price

blackblades34d ago

Most players play for what it is not some single player mode. Which wouldve been fine but I dont care for that for this game. Its all about PvP for the ones that play it. Also its free to play so.....

Epicor33d ago

It was "sold" on the promise of single player content? No, it didn't sell any on that promise. No one buys skins and PVP battle passes because of upcoming PVE content in the future. The sequel was announced with PVE excuse, yes. OW2 generates shit ton of money because it's genuinely a good game and people buy cosmetics.

blackblades34d ago

Its a fun game and yes people here and Twitter always bad talk the game as well as saying the game is dying. I play it but its been awhile but when I do its fun and I alway get disagreed to hell for enjoying a game and having a good time. People just hate live service games and gatcha and think 100million+ other people think the same way as they do.

il-JumperMT33d ago

It is a trash game but just like Sport Games, COD and Apple fans, they can be fed turd and rejoice still.
Blizzard has such a fanbase that they can make millions with barely any effort

DeusFever33d ago

Overwatch 2 is still a flop/bad game but that never stopped the gaming audience from dropping dollars.

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Tacoboto34d ago

Ah so that's why Blizzard employees got fired, *only* beating expectations by 130%.


babadivad33d ago

This happens in every merger.

slate9134d ago

Impossible, internet told me this was dead

LastAvenger34d ago

That much money yet nobody can keep their job?

-Foxtrot34d ago

Amazes me that people will call out Activision Blizzards awful practices and treatment of staff but will play the game still, especially after they cancelled the story mission stuff you know tricking us into buying the sequel to justify putting number 2 at the end of it.

Epicor33d ago

I guess people want to play good games regardless of companies behind them.

-Foxtrot33d ago

It’s not good though so…

Epicor7d ago

It is objectively good game though. I guess some people just want to echo the sheep sentiment. I encourage you to actually try the games you have so many opinions on instead of spending all of your time on N4G.