SteamVR Coming to Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro

Steam is happy to announce some fun virtual reality news just in time for next week's Steam VR Fest: Steam Link is now available on the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro!

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OtterX90d ago

Virtual Desktop app was already pretty good (not Oculus Link) for streaming Steam, but maybe Steam Link will be even better. Anything is better than Oculus Link though. I was surprised by how much more steady my wireless streaming was through Virtual Desktop over Oculus Link. It's a mess.

bOObies90d ago


I was gonna buy the OLink cable to connect to my laptop so I can watch and stream videos and Discord to my Quest 3.

You think wireless streaming to the headset is better than the Link cable?

In what ways?

OtterX90d ago

Sorry, I meant Oculus Airlink. Direct link fairs better, but I like playing on the sofa wirelessly.

Tacoboto90d ago

Digital Foundry's weekly show, I think two episodes ago they had a segment on the Meta Quest and playing on PC. John suggested that wireless Virtual Desktop had superior quality to the wired connection.

OtterX90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

@Tacoboto that is interesting to know! I had suspected it, but I didn't want to say it with certainty. But yea, it had seemed like my Virtual Desktop streaming sessions had been even more reliable. I don't hardly direct link it anymore. Love Virtual Desktop.

azedean90d ago

True, I played HL ALYX fully wireless with virtual desktop and it was very good. Now it is going to be awesome and I hope they finally have a good solution to use the psvr2 on pc.

specialguest90d ago

Oculus Link is pretty good if you use the D-Link VR Air Bridge. This is a product specifically created for the Quest that was released a year ago. It allows you to make a direct Wi-Fi 6 connection between your Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 or Meta Quest Pro headset and your PC

mrcatastropheAF90d ago

Oculus airlink is garbage compared to Steamlink -- big W for valve


EA - Continuing to evolve our business and teams

EA CEO Andrew Wilson writes: "In this time of change, we expect these decisions to impact approximately 5 percent of our workforce. I understand this will create uncertainty and be challenging for many who have worked with such dedication and passion and have made important contributions to our company. While not every team will be impacted, this is the hardest part of these changes, and we have deeply considered every option to try and limit impacts to our teams. Our primary goal is to provide team members with opportunities to find new roles and paths to transition onto other projects. Where that’s not possible, we will support and work with each colleague with the utmost attention, care, and respect. Communicating these impacts has already begun and will be largely completed by early next quarter."

LG_Fox_Brazil11h ago

All the big ones doing the same stuff. Terrible. I just hope that all these people are able to get a new job as soon as possible, God know that it is horrible to be left jobless when you have your kids or your parents depending on your financial help

Jin_Sakai10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

2024 so far.

Feb ’28 Electronic Arts (EA) 670 (5%)
Feb ’24 PlayStation 900 (8%)
Feb ’24 Vice Media Group Several hundred
Feb ’24 Buzzfeed 16%
Feb ’24 NowThis 26 (50%)
Feb ’24 Paramount Global 800 (3%)
Feb ’24 SiriusXM 160 (3%)
Feb ’24 Snapchat 10%
Jan ’24 TechCrunch 8 + subscription product
Jan ’24 U.K.’s Channel 4 200
Jan ’24 Business Insider 8%
Jan ’24 Microsoft Gaming 1,900
Jan ’24 Riot Games 530
Jan ’24 Sports Illustrated Possibly all
Jan ’24 YouTube 100
Jan ’24 Pitchfork (Conde Nast) Undisclosed
Jan ’24 Universal Music Group Hundreds
Jan ’24 Discord 17%
Jan ’24 NBC News 50-100
Jan ’24 Audible 5%
Jan ’24 Google Hundreds
Jan ’24 Amazon Hundreds
Jan ’24 Duolingo 10%
Jan ’24 VideoAmp 20%

DATA AS OF FEB. 28, 2024

outsider16246h ago

Is it possible maybe this whole ai thing is in play?

just_looken3h ago

Another long list that skips over UPS cutting 12,000 jobs those workers as we know work without ac low pay and old box trucks but that company had to cut 12k jobs do too loosing billions of dollars year 2 year.


The greed and lack of transparency/oversight is disgusting.

Ups are still making bang but not enough for a golden boat fleet.

Remember we all use ups at some time even stuff in our stores this is going to be a huge issue gong forward i know in my area they removed half the state ups stores northern half least population got some 3rd party running packages now from minivans.

CrimsonWing699h ago(Edited 9h ago)

You do realize around this time this happens all throughout many industries (not just the game industry), right? It has to do with taxes for these major companies, like tax subsidies for downsizing. You want to know a little secret? Around May or so you’ll see a spike in hiring…

It blows my mind that people are oblivious to corporate workings.

Andrew3368h ago

So over 25 huge companies cut jobs every year like this and it only got noticed this time?

CrimsonWing697h ago(Edited 7h ago)


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Google it up if you’re uninformed of how corporations work. Only gamers seem to live in a bubble and when they see things like crunch, acquisitions, and lay-offs they act like this is the only industry it happens to and how shocked they are about it.

Welcome to the real world, kid.

RhinoGamer8810h ago

No Executive accountability or firings I see...

just_looken3h ago

Do not worry they will take over 40mill say sorry then get hired by playstation or xbox

Sonic188110h ago

Like I said earlier, this is happening all around the gaming industry.

Petebloodyonion9h ago

The point I feel is problematic about all of this is that focusing on Owned Ip means more sequels, remasters and more of what was selling last year.

TheColbertinator8h ago

EA is certainly among the worst,if not the worst