How Did You Know Gaming has survived the terrors of YouTube for over a decade

Did You Know Gaming explains the issues of YouTube in the modern day, crowdfunding books and creating a new board game.

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Helldivers 2 Duplicates on Steam Taken Down, Arrowhead Issues Statement

Multiple Helldivers 2 duplicates on Steam have surfaced, with scammers trying to capitalize on the game's success.

just_looken1d 10h ago

Good too see as much as i like steam they need to invest in more overall protection its crazy how no large deformation suit has happened yet. The community did the leg work here valve was there last it should be valve first.

A simple hey can not name it this ____ as it is already on steam would go a long way as names are copyrighted for the most part.


EA And Sony Layoffs, Entertainment News And More Skewedcast

Gareth, Justin, and JoeyZ look at Layoff news for EA and Sony and reasons behind the downturn in the industry and more.