Earthbound Creator Says Nintendo Considered Mother 3 Translation, But It Was Complicated

IGN writes: Mother 3 is one of the most hotly-desired RPGs ever, having never received an official translation in North America despite the cult popularity of its predecessor, Earthbound. But over all these years, series creator Shigesato Itoi has never weighed in on the discussion - at least until now."

Zenzuu84d ago

They should remake Earthbound, and bring it to modern platforms.

meganick84d ago

A translated version of this game on Switch Online would be nice, and it would add a lot value to the Expansion Pak service.

jznrpg84d ago

Bring it already. Nintendo is frustrating at times

jjb198184d ago

I would love to see an Earthbound game just redone with 3D-ish models and characters. Just having a remaster for Switch Online would be awesome!

FinalFantasyFanatic83d ago

Did you ever see the Earthbound 64 concept/materials? That actually looked really good, but I'd also take a HD-2D remake as well.

FinalFantasyFanatic83d ago

Nintendo seems very whimsical about what they give they're fans, sometimes they'll give them a bone (e.g. Mario RPG, Thousand Year Door for the Switch), and other times, they just give them little to nothing (agh, the Zelda anniversary).

Agent7583d ago

When you consider the cost of gaming back then and even now, no excuses when costs are involved.


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Knightofelemia607d ago

The odd game does have die hard fans out there. There is a NES and a SNES game Nintendo dropped the SNES port onto the SNES mini the cart alone fetches a pretty penny on Ebay. I have to get around to playing Earthbound on my SNES mini I tried it out from what I played I liked it. If Nintendo made a new game I would probably grab it wish Nintendo made a new Star Tropics as well.

lodossrage607d ago

Star Tropic might be way too obscure for a good portion of the audience today.

For some reason, something tells me if Star Tropic was revived, it wouldn't get the love it actually deserves.