The King of Fighters All Star Gets Street Fighter 6 Crossover

The King of Fighters All Star is set to receive a crossover with Street Fighter 6, with characters from Capcom coming to the beat-'em-up.


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Adds Street Fighter V Characters

Netmarble’s The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is collaborating with Capcom to bring legendary Street Fighter V characters into the KOF universe.

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Rynxie677d ago

This was going on weeks ago, and when I last checked, there was only three days left. I deleted it like a week or two ago, because it's boring as hell.

autobotdan677d ago

Wake me up when there is a King of Fighters vs Street Fighter 2023 arcade fighting game


King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide: How to Get Started

Excited for the new event? Check out our King of Fighters ALLSTAR guide if you're looking for a few hot tips before you get started.

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WWE Superstars Come To King Of Fighters Allstar

I am sure several WWE fans will love this news as WWE Superstars are coming to King Of Fighters Allstar.

Knightofelemia1386d ago

You lost me when the word mobile popped up