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Developers Respond To Nintendo's Hint System Patent

Kotaku: "Today a Nintendo patent came to light for a hint system which would allow gamers to essentially let games play themselves. We reached out to game developers for their opinion on the patent.

The patent, filed by Nintendo Creative Director Shigeru Miyamoto on June 30, 2008, outlines a gaming system more akin to DVD playback, where the game can either be played normally, or watched in the form of an end-to-end video of gameplay, during which players can jump back in at any time by simply pushing a button."

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GrieverSoul4280d ago

Might aswell put Cheat Codes in games again. Or the option to be invincible right from the start or available midgame!
A videogame is an interactive experience. If you dont interacte, youre not playing!

Mikhal55694280d ago

I got to specific part in GOW where I kept dying over and over again, I think it might have been around three or four times in a row. The game started to ask me if it wanted me to lower the games setting to 'easy' which I did not.

After a few more tries of getting closer and closer to beating the boss as I figured out his patterns. I accidentally allowed the game to be set to 'easy' because I was in a rush to get back to the game and didn't notice the question when it popped up.

Well, I beat the boss on the next try and quickly realized how easy the game had gotten when I started the next stage. I looked for an option to return the game back to the 'normal' difficulty setting, but couldn't do it because I was already over halfway through the game. So, I had to start the game over again and replay it again so I could play it on its proper level. Needless to say I was pissed.

Now, does this mean I am against the new patent? No. But, it better be done in a way as it's not intrusive and only an option when I need to access it myself. If help wanted options pop up after I die in a game two or three times in a row, this would completely ruin the game for me and take me out of the experience.

Needless to say I wouldn't purchase or play those games anymore and take my money elsewhere.

cliffbo4280d ago

what the hell are Nintendo trying to do to gaming? first they reduce games to shake and win and now they are reducing it further to shake if you want to but still win. they are making a mockery of their fanbase and selling out to the faddy, overweight, fun seeking, lightweights