The Witcher 4 Aims to Go Beyond Current RPGs, Says CDPR; It'll Be a Good Entry Point for New Fans

The Witcher 4 Game Director Sebastian Kalemba shared a few interesting details on the overarching vision for this new project.

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-Foxtrot133d ago

Please…don’t start this hype bullshit after what happened to Cyberpunk

Just shut your face until it’s ready for a full reveal and it’s going to be releasing within a year

Sonic1881133d ago

I know right. I agree with you there

Alexious132d ago

Cyberpunk's perceived fiasco was entirely user driven.

dumahim132d ago

That's gotta be one of the most deluded statements I've ever seen here in a long time.

-Foxtrot132d ago


It was OUR fault it was broken, buggy and a total let down at launch because it wasn’t what they made it out to me

Our fault…not the developers who made the game

shinoff2183132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Cyberpunk was trash at first. I've read it's got better but I won't find out on ps5 for sometime because how they doing ps5 owners dirty with that disc. The fiasco though naw that was warranted as fk

You work there or got a relative maybe?

HollowIchigo25132d ago

they didn't allow reviews for the console versions at launch to prevent the "user" from knowing how awful it is compared to the PC version
you blame that on the gamers?

notachance132d ago

there's a lot of videos and articles documenting their false promises though? literally only takes a 1 minute google search to see detailed list of it.

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Notellin132d ago

I read the article and his quotes in their entirety and he didn't come close to hyping anything up.

just_looken132d ago

Cyberpunk is whatever

How about cdpr shuts up because over 70% of the witcher 3 team is gone and they are now pro esg members


You toss in there mobile game money also cyberpunk is ok now but the controls are trash and the esg bs i will not be buying anything from them for a long time. They can toss this title out i will wait months too see what it really is.

Stevonidas131d ago

Agreed. Despite Fallout 4's problems, I loved how Bethesda handled the reveal and release later that year.

Announce the game and show some ACTUAL gameplay
Let hype build for 6 months while you polish it up

Simple, really.

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jznrpg132d ago

Chill on the overhype. Learn your lessons already

shinoff2183132d ago

Slow down cdprojectred. Don't do this again

raWfodog132d ago

Lessons never learned. Stop hyping your game up before it’s even ready to come out.

Charlieboy333132d ago

"At the same time, it's clear that we have to try to appease a new public". Oh god, here we go again.....we all know what THAT means. Have you morons maybe considered.....I don't know......appeasing the millions and millions of current fans that bought your previous titles!? All you have to do is make more of you that. Fuck you and your game.....I already know what you're gonna try and shove down our throats at every turn and I'm sorry but I for one have reached my limit.

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The Reason Sega Lost The 32-Bit War? The 32X, Says Yosuke Okunari

"The company was unable to focus enough on its main hope"

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ApocalypseShadow1d 15h ago

Nope. Going back to the 32X as the reason Sega lost that generation doesn't go back far enough before the Saturn.

Sega executives need to blame themselves as to why Sega lost that generation. Not Saturn. Not 32X. Not Sega CD. Nope. Executives were the reason why. It wasn't the hardware. Those devices were either dropped early or released to soon resulting in a developer backlash the hurt the game catalog. They really shouldn't have been made at all because they should have planned their next move more carefully. It has nothing to do with the devices. Poor leadership decisions and lack of unity within the company are what happened.

Love how blame is always shifted away from what is the truth. Writing a book placing the blame on the 32X isn't the truth.

solideagle1d 1h ago

I am pretty sure there are documentaries (Youtube) around it which highlights these points. I had Sega Mega drive and NES growing up but that's about it. I didn't even know there was a war going on between these companies but I do remember thinking why I can't play Sonic cartridge on Nintendo or Mario on Sega :D

FinalFantasyFanatic22h ago

I had the Genesis and the Saturn, also had the SNES and 64, I never got a Dreamcast for some reason, but I never saw one in the stores either.