Lay Offs Strike Crystal Dynamics

Kotaku: "Crystal Dynamics laid off 30 people this morning in the wake of underperforming Tomb Raider Underworld sales, reliable sources tell Kotaku.

The cuts were made across the board, we're told, to eliminate redundancy and give the studio tighter focus moving forward."

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sak5004192d ago

Ya go ahead milk some more tomb raider stuff. Anyway sad day for these guys hope they will get absorbed in the industry.

Wolfie4192d ago

I feel sorry for the people losing their jobs. Shame on you Eidos!

thereapersson4192d ago

Well if they'd make a new Legacy of Kain game, or even an HD Soul Reaver remake, you can bet their profits would increase, even if it's just by a small margin.

Cajun Chicken4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Akuji the Heartless, anyone?

On a more related note; Not good.

thereapersson4192d ago

I remember Akuji: The Heartless. It was a surprisingly immersive 3-D action game, despite its technical shortcomings such as draw distance, camera issues and substandard platform mechanics (read: judging jump distances was a pain sometimes).

I liked it for the story, monster and level design, and character concept. The music was pretty cool too. It'd be interesting to see an updated version of the game released over a network such as PSN, or XBL...

Cajun Chicken4192d ago

It was the adult's platformer, for adults only, not for kids. Kids couldn't play this one. But I was playing it back then due to my older brother owning it, lol.

I hope it gets released as a PSN PSone title, playing that on the PS3 and PSP would be awesome. I'm sure the D-Pad would work fine for the camera controls on the PSP.

Wait, I wonder if this PSP Plus feature for RR is going to be intergrated into the PSP firmware at some point in order to play PSone games with proper controls on the PSP?

1233604192d ago

do you think there still make the dlc content for ms,come to think about would ms want the dlc now. it sold 1.5 million across all platforms with heavy discounts thats to trade not consumers.

UltimateIdiot9114192d ago

This is why DLC exclusive is bad, gives fewer reasons for people who don't want to buy TR on 360 to buy it.

thenickel4192d ago

Exclusive content is a good thing as long as people are willing to purchase it. If Sony would pay up some money then everybody would be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.