Capcom Raising Prices Starting With Dragon's Dogma 2

The long-anticipated Dragon's Dogma 2 is now available for pre-order, but at a higher price than previous Capcom games.

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Duke1991d ago

$70 is now the new standard. Anyone still claiming the industry is at $60 is kidding themselves

SimpleSlave91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Actually, the industry is at $30 to $35 bucks throughout the year. I just got Resi 4 Remake and Jedi: Fallen Order for $30 each. You just have to exercise some patience is all.

People are too impatient. Just enjoy the backlog or a few of the indie games while the price plummets on the big titles.

Inverno91d ago

There's isn't a game that doesn't go down almost 20 bucks a couple months after release during a sale. 7 months later it's down to less than half price during a sale. 70 is for suckers, these publishers don't even believe in the value they set when they so easily put down prices so quickly.

ApocalypseShadow91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

You sound like me. I just bide my time until it's a price I'm willing to pay. Last Gen, I didn't buy more than 5 games at $60. Most of it was $40, $30, $20 and $15. With many indie games less than $10. And that's having enough money to buy Neo Geo priced games. I didn't then, and won't now, pay more than what I think something is worth to me.

Patience is a virtue. Just like gravity, anything that goes up, must come down eventually. Capcom and everyone else can do whatever they want. It's what I do with my money that matters.

mkis00791d ago (Edited 91d ago )


Unless its made by nintendo. Ridiculous that botw is still standard priced talking msrp.

Brazz91d ago

Same here. I rarely pay fullprice on games

Snookies1291d ago

Plus, you get the added benefit of all the patching being finished by then! Any annoying bugs, or missing features will have been fixed up nicely by the time you find the game at a reasonable price.

Duke1991d ago (Edited 91d ago )

That doesn’t change the fact that full retail price on new games are $70. Calling this out as anything remotely unique to Capcom like this article is just misleading.

If people want to wait for price drops, sure. But that’s an entirely different topic

Good-Smurf91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Steam sale and when in doubt, Steamunlocked are your friends.
Unless they DRM it to death obviously then its wait for deep discount for me regardless.

Einhander197291d ago


This is exactly it.

To be fair this game is back burner for me anyways, This game is no where close to FF7R2 for me, heck, I want Granblue Fantasy::Relink more than this to be honest.

If I get brutally honest I could wait until it's on PS Plus.

neutralgamer199291d ago


Thing is we are in the minority otherwise madden, NBA, fifa and COD would be top selling games on yearly basis

FOMO is real for so many people it’s simply unbelievable

Elda91d ago

If one has it like that then buy day one. Any game that I'm anticipated to play I buy day one of release may it be a $30 Indie game or a $70 AAA game.

esherwood90d ago

$70 is a bargain for a AAA game and I have no problem supporting companies that don’t push mt’s.

DeusFever90d ago

This is the right idea. Pay what you want to pay.

smashman9890d ago

You're probably the smartest commenter on the internet.

shinoff218390d ago

True enough. I'd rather wait. The only games I might buy brand new is something I must have asap(star ocean 2 remkae) and once in awhile a jrpg I feel might become rare. I don't wanna have to find it once it does Ala legend of heroes cold steel. The first 2 are dumb priced.

Binarycode90d ago

Ding Ding. Well done.

Wait for SP games to drop or second hand.

Buy only MP if you know you're going to get stuck into it and it'll last a long time.

Gregero90d ago

Same here. I just now got God of War Ragnarok for 35 bucks. There was no way I was gonna pay full price for a PS4 game on a PS5 so I just played other games throughout the year until GoW finally went on sale. I'll probably do the same with FFXVI when it hits 20 bucks in a few years.

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specialguest91d ago

With the cost of everything that has gone up significantly including food, dining out, cars, rent/housing, etc, $70 for a video game is not that shocking. I came from the 8 & 16 bit era when some games were $80, so $70 isn't that drastic. Video game is not a necessity, and there's always a price cut down the line. Daily necessities like food and shelter price hikes are more painful

shinoff218390d ago

Not alot seem to wanna hear this out. Games prices stayed pretty steady until recent. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

You point out the late 80s and 90s with the 8 bit 16 bit Era. On top of games being that high. Minimum wage was like 3 to 4 dollars an hour. Give or take certain years.

CobraKai90d ago

It’s been $70 for new games since the start of this generation.

1nsomniac90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Only because naive people let it happen.

The reason we now have inflated prices is that they can now put a sale label on it and sell it for £50.

It’s the people with no spine that accept the ridiculous narrative to begin with. Ignoring the blatant facts of how profitable the industry is.

Cant blame Capcom for it though. They kept it real for longer than most the others. They’ve just seen how weak people are and decided they might as well finally join in or get left behind.

maniacmayhem90d ago

Yes, let's not even bother to consider that the cost of developing games are almost if not more than a big budget Hollywood movie.

The fact that they kept games this low while everything else has been raised is a blessing. But these companies can't sustain that for long, which is why we're seeing more dev doors closing and more companies laying off employees.

1nsomniac90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Yes it’s not the norm, but when companies are stating it was possible for them to make their entire AAA tier development costs back in 24 hours when charging £50.

They have naive people like you bent over a barrel and you’re loving it!

Every generation they’ve attempted to increase prices and failed. I know, I’ve lived through it. Because they’ve been called out. But guess what?? they’ve continued to make games for decades. I guess they made them with unicorn tears and high hopes. It’s just this generation of kids are stupid. They just accept it all.

maniacmayhem90d ago

Everything you said let's me know you have no clue on what is actually happening in the real world.

There's a reason why we're getting nothing but sequel after sequel of known IPs instead of new IPs, there's a reason why games are going service based, there's a reason why once independent studios are being bought by publishers, there's a reason why studios are not hitting their yearly profit goals and why there's unprecedented mass layoffs across the industry.

It's a gamble releasing a game in the market nowadays. Especially a new game up against titans like a CoD or anything remotely similar. Just ask Immortals of Aveum.

The cost of making games a decade ago is no where near what it is now and the examples I left above shows this. This industry held on as long as it could but it's just not sustainable at the price in retail.

You would be completely insane to think, in this market that games, while everything else is raising, would stay the same as it did years and years ago.

1nsomniac89d ago

It’s called growing perpetuity. Look it up.

These companies aren’t making less money. They’re making more money. Just not enough growing year on year profit for the shareholders.

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TheEroica90d ago

70 bucks for the most expensive version in the worst possible shape.... Enjoy! I usually pay no more than 20 for a game.

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RhinoGamer8891d ago

Just make sure they playtest and bug-fix it for launch. More money = higher expectations!

Chocoburger91d ago

Absolutely this! Over the past decade games have been released increasingly buggy and unfinished. If companies want to increase the price then they also must increase the Quality Assurance period to make sure games are released in a completed state.

Otherwise no sale. Stop pre-ordering games, and stop supporting companies releasing unfinished games.

isarai91d ago

AAA games, mid tier have been just fine. And I pre-order all the time, but I've been gaming long enough to know when to avoid doing so. I wanted Cyberpunk 3077 so bad, but never pre-ordered cause I smelled that BS from a mile away.

isarai91d ago

CAPCOM or really the vast majority of Japanese developed games don't seem to be plagued with the same issue. I really wouldn't lump them in with the likes of EA/ACTIVISION/UBISOFT/MS