Where Your Laptop's Power Really Goes

A pie chart drawn up by Windows 7 engineers shows how much each part of your laptop draws from your slowly-discharging battery. Check out where a typical Windows system spends its juice below.

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TheColbertinator3569d ago


The first one requires two kinds of batteries though

The_Firestarter3569d ago

You took the words out of my mouth, buddy.

lord_monkey3569d ago

well that was unexpected, I though i would see some tech comments but i was mistaken

militant073569d ago

im using windows 7 on my labtop even though my ram is half of what eequired to run it still faster than XP i hope its better still testing just installed it from 30min

hfaze3569d ago

All I can say is that Windows 7 runs even better whenever you add additional RAM to your PC.

I'm running the x86_64 version on my laptop with 4GB of RAM, and it runs FLAWLESSLY. Other than the Windows Media Player glitch (I just use WinAmp), and Internet Explorer 8 being buggy, the core OS is rock-solid even in the Beta version.

On Topic: It's amazing to see how much of your battery life is sucked dry by the LCD... Makes you wonder how much longer it will be until OLED displays are used in laptops.

zagibu3569d ago

The graph is worthless without further information. It looks different for different laptops and it also varies with the action that is done on the laptop. A GPU can draw more power than the display, if the laptop is used for gaming.