25 Days of NBA 2K Countdown Celebration Details (NBA 2K24)

2K Sports is celebrating “25 Years of NBA 2K” with an aptly “25 Days of 2K” countdown ’til Christmas.

GhostScholar90d ago

Remember when this was a really great franchise


NBA 2K24 All Animation Requirements: Dribbling, Shooting, Dunks, Layups, Passing

Every animation requirement for NBA 2K24.


NBA 2K24 Season Start Dates & Times (Season 1 thru 9)

Full list of start dates for every NBA 2K24 Season.


NBA 2K Lawsuit: Take Two’s Lawyers Claim Virtual Currency “Is Not Plaintiff’s Property”

2K’s parent company Take-Two has called virtual currency (VC) “fictions” and claim Virtual Currency “is not plaintiff’s property.” Take Two and 2K were sued in federal court in November of 2023 in California over microtransactions.

Inverno17d ago

Id argue then that the money given for said virtual currency is not take 2s property.