Ubisoft officially announces Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition

Ubisoft : Happy 20th Beyond Good & Evil 🎉
We're excited to talk more about this special edition soon... Stay tuned!

XiNatsuDragnel91d ago

Nice I'm excited maybe this would keep us satisfied until beyond good and evil 2.

Vengeance113891d ago

Ah yes. Beyond Good & Evil 2... I think that has the same release date as Half Life 3 right? Not much longer im sure...

XiNatsuDragnel91d ago

Same but a man can dream right?

Snookies1291d ago

We can just play some Deep Down when Capcom releases it. That should help us bide our time until those release!

badboyz0990d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Stole this from cousin's bedroom one holiday. Instantly fell in love with it.

CrimsonWing6990d ago

Another HD remaster…

Are we ever getting a sequel?

purple10184d ago

Haha. Hope you get one. But realistically to outdo the original Unisoft would need to pull out the "big guns" on a series which is very old and not relevant to the younger audience which now plays games since we were kids. (I'm 36 now) so I can't see it happening.

Plenty more dreams can come true though.

Like a rdr2 ps5 patch I thoroughly believe will hit soon. https://www.vg247.com/red-d...

CrimsonWing6984d ago

Fair point. I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 the other day and it shocks me how it looks better than 90% of current-gen games. Looking forward to seeing it even look and run better! Such a great game.