QA - New Telepresence Robot from Anybots

Getrobo writes:

"The 2009 International CES started today. Unfortunately I am not there this year, but I did get to see and try out a cool new robot that is being announced there. That is, the new telepresence robot named QA developed by Anybots. I had the chance to visit the company located in Silicon Valley right before QA and the team left for Las Vegas.

Unlike previously announced telepresence robots from other companies - such as Rovio or ConnectR - QA is designed to look like a human albeit on wheels.It stands 5 feet tall and a 5-megapixel camera is situated on the neck. The great advantage of this is that it is much easier for the person who is controlling the robot via a PC thousands of miles away from the robot, to communicate with the people that are in the same room as the robot. (It's difficult when your eye-level is like 5 inches from the floor when using other telepresence robots.) QA is connected to the world using corporate Wi-Fi or public 3G networks. It has a screen in the front which can show a photo of the operator or whatever the operator wants to show the people on the other side."

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