The Walking Dead: Destinies Review | IGN

IGN writes: "A boring, ugly mess of a game to be avoided at all costs, The Walking Dead: Destinies fails to do anything interesting with the story and characters of the popular TV show it’s based on."

anast92d ago

It's a shame this IP has been mismanaged to the point no one cares anymore. I will always remember the first 3 season of this show.

VivaChe92d ago

You know the more I hear about this game, the less excited I am for it.


Review - The Walking Dead: Destinies (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Yeah, this one is impossible to defend. The Walking Dead: Destinies is just truly bad. Granted, it might not be the worst game I’ve played in 2023, by a mile, but it’s a borderline charming exercise in incompetence. With poor combat mechanics, uninspired level design, and an enemy AI so (fittingly) brain-dead you can literally complete levels by simply walking by a horde of zombies, this game fails at being scary, tense, or even a great companion piece to The Walking Dead franchise."

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10 Terrible Single Player Games of 2023

GB: "In a year full of highs, we also had a fair few lows."

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anast78d ago

Switch Forspoken with Redfall.

JEECE78d ago

It can be an unfortunate trend in our industry to lump games people were looking forward to that didn't end up meeting their expectations and were just okay (Forspoken) with games that are broken (Gollum) or little more than asset flips (The Day Before). If expectations (and price) had been set appropriately, Forspoken wouldn't even be that bad.