Nintendo Patent Balances Game Difficulty

Via Edge: "A new patent filed by Nintendo details a system that would give gamers the option of letting the computer take over for difficult sections of a game in real time.

According to the filing (which lists Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto as the inventor), when gamers attempt to perform particular actions in the game, a hint message appears that gives access to what is essentially an in-game cutscene that would show how to progress past a certain area. But gamers who want to play the game in full don't have to take the hints."

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ChickeyCantor3594d ago

Is this a dub or not?

I'm glad they put in options for it, so that "gamers" don't have to suffer from the easyness

Voiceofreason3594d ago

It could be a great thing really.. Think of it this way. Instead of changing any aspects of Zelda the game stays the exact same for those of us who are long time players, but Nintendo adds in help videos or has the game do it itself for the players who cant do it. Which IMO is a much better option than changing the game in anyway at its core to make it easier.

lord_of_balrogs3594d ago

Nintendo games are easy enough as it is.

andyo133594d ago

Isn't this already in games? such as shadow of the collosus it'll give you a hint and the computer will "take over" by highlighting a spot or something? You can also turn off these hints. Also if nintendo is getting a patent would this mean no other game is allowed to do this without their permission? Correct me if i'm wrong because i didn't read the whole article.

soljah3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

yea maybe nintendo can patent that the wii will play the game for you.

f#ck casual gamers

IdleLeeSiuLung3594d ago

I didn't read the the patent application, but doesn't this seem silly to get a patent for? Am I missing something?

Tony P3594d ago

It seems silly, but when I think about all these smaller companies trying to take the big boys to Texas for a patent violation, I'm sure it must seem very prudent to file as a preventative measure.

Probably some better reasons, but patent law isn't exactly my field... so uh yeah

ThatArtGuy3594d ago

who has over 5,000 patents for the 360, literally.

evrfighter3594d ago

didn't microsoft patent a key on the keyboard. forgot what it was space or the page up/down keys i think.

And as far as this article goes. you can take a break on l4d and the computer will take over. 75% of the time they're better than the human players anyway...

GiantEnemyLobster3594d ago

Sellouts to grandma and 3 year old stacy.

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