Halo 3 Beta delayed.

Bungie has said that the launch date for the highly-anticipated Halo 3 Beta is now looking like late spring, rather than the original window of spring.

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calderra4258d ago

Oh come on! Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "late Spring" still a part of "Spring"?

In other news: The launch date of Halo 3 has been massively pushed back from "Fall 2007" to "slightly after mid-Fall, potentially even on toward late-ish in the Fall season, maybe".

ryanjtravis4258d ago

Yep this headline is COMPLETELY ridiculous, as was the original story. They took it out of the Bungie weekly update where they said that it "MIGHT" be looking more like late spring...

THAMMER14258d ago

I'm happy I've got 20 360 games and 4 - 5 new games that will get me by untill the beta.

THWIP4258d ago

There's waaaay too much gaming goodness to enjoy over the next few months, to be worried about an online-only beta test for a late 2007 game.

Covenant4258d ago

As long as it gets here eventually, I'll wait. In the meantime, Oblivion will occupy my free time.

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