Dungeons & Dragons' Latest Update Finally Fixes Monks, And Pretty Much Everything Else

D&D's Unearthed Arcana Playtest 8 has Wizards of the Coast offering some great tweaks to monks, bards, and barbarians as the pieces fall into place

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How is Dungeons & Dragons different to videogames?

Dungeons & Dragons and videogames are both 'games' goes the general understanding, but how are they inherently different to one another and what is it about their designs that cause us to interpret them in wildly disparate ways?

Join Indie By Design's John Robertson and Stace Harman as they discuss the fundamental approaches to design that lead to videogames and Dungeons & Dragons being viewed, by their players, as very different entities to one another.

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How D&D Shaped Modern Gaming

What sort of ripple effect might the cultural phenomenon known as D&D have on video games? How do gamers feel that ripple today?

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ChrisW2112d ago

Wow! Despite using a clickbait thumbnail, Cheat Code Central actually wrote an article...

It's surprisingly a decent length and relatively interesting.


Rage Against The Darkness: A 5E Barbarian Character Optimisation Guide

While this Barbarian guide is aimed at giving some mechanical advice in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Remember that character optimisation means different things to different players. Look at more than just damage dice, as a truly effective character is more than the notches on its axe.

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