Xbox will have "important announcements" at The Game Awards

Xbox's official newsletter is inviting players to tune in to The Game Awards show on December 7, 2023, for important announcements and Xbox news.

Obscure_Observer92d ago


We already know that we´ll be getting the release date for BG3 on SX and SS.

So here´s hoping for exciting new first party games announcements, some updates on first party games already announced (I heard that we might be getting new info on Everwild soon) and the ones scheduled for 2024.

At the top of all that, I would love a release date for Sebile!

Fingers crossed!

sparky7792d ago

I bet we get BG1 and 2 on Game Pass since they leaked that earlier in the year.

I also wouldn't be surprised if we get an ABK Game Pass content trailer for what's coming early next year too.

I personally hope we don't see any new first party games since there has already been a ton announced already and they should save them for their own events, but seeing Everwild would be awesome.

Michiel198992d ago

I just want to see release dates from the games that they already announced, new cgi trailers of a game we wont play for 4 years don't do much for me at this point.

Cacabunga92d ago

Show perfect dark, I think people are worried about this one.

Lightning7792d ago

"I personally hope we don't see any new first party games since there has already"

Naw if MS wants to get out of this Xbox Tax, they need to reveal as much as they can. They have way more studios than they need so show it off if it's ready.

notachance92d ago

@lightning there's no damn xbox tax. ori, forza horizon, hi-fi rush, pentiment were all celebrated by gamers because they're great games. you guys are just in denial because the hyped AAA ones were mostly mediocre.

MrSec8491d ago

Sure Microsoft's first party devs need to actually show they have real working games coming very soon within the XBox ecosystem, but they've also had ample time to actually be working on unannounced games.

It's very silly to say that you wouldn't want new announcements for Xbox Series consoles!
I just got a Series X and it would be nice to know that Microsoft actually wants to support the console beyond what's been announced already.

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Antnee53492d ago

I hope for more info on fable

Husker42c92d ago

Me too. With actual gameplay this time.

VenomUK91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I’m looking forward to this being the fourth birthday celebration since the first Hellblade II trailer was shown at the Game Awards back in 2019. I have high hopes that for the fifth birthday of the trailer Microsoft will pull out all the stops.

ravens5292d ago

Why are people disagreeing with this lol...

darthv7292d ago

It's who they are disagreeing with, not what was stated.

Vengeance113892d ago

Everwild?!? Hahahahahaha oh man you still think that's coming out? LOL 😆
I've got news for you...

itsmebryan92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I just hope it's not more games. With Gamepass my backlog is insane. There's so many games coming each month I don't have time to play them all. Adding ABK is only going to make it worst. I miss the old "Xbox has no games " days. 😪

Gamingsince198191d ago

You forgot the sarcasm tag so people don't assume you are insane and serious.

92d ago
Hofstaderman92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Phil: Come 2027 we going multiplatform as a publisher. Our engagement rates will quadriple and we can finally become one with Sony and Nintendo.

Todd: Starfield is really good its designed that way. Please buy our DLC..... Please?

S2Killinit92d ago

Wait till E3, I mean, Game awards.

Zeref91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

This meme is dead. Xbox objectively has had a better 2023 than Playstation did.

This is people being excited about what's next.

S2Killinit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Oh I assure you its alive. As evidenced by MS’s need to urge people to “wait till the next event.”

PhillyDonJawn91d ago

Sad you have nothing to look forward to.

Hofstaderman91d ago

@Zeref objectively better year? With Redfall, Starfall and what else again?

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Zeref91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Xbox got an insane amount of games they could show off at any time!

Will they show off Perfect Dark? Gears 6? Fable? Everwild? Indiana Jones?
Doom Year Zero? A Halo Battle Royale?

There's so much more, What will it be??

I'm hyped af

Obscure_Observer91d ago

"There's so much more, What will it be?? I'm hyped af"

Yes! We still have Contraband, Project Dragon, Project Mara, State of Decay 3 and the rumored TES: Oblivion Remake to be revealed.

S2Killinit91d ago

its always good to dream. Its a part of being a gamer.

PhillyDonJawn91d ago

We definitely getting a Halo update. I can guarentee that whether it's firefight or a battle royal mode.

Zeref91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


Dream? All of these games are real my guy

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darthv7292d ago

...they are paying off Sony's debts in exchange for the PlayStation division.

Asplundh92d ago

Lol The mass down votes are incoming for that one.

Christopher92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Makes no sense. The PS division is the mass majority of Sony's profits and is worth way more than their debts alone. Worth more than Activision, even.