Rockstar veterans Michael Unsworth and Lazlow Jones have joined Dan Houser's new studio

We still don't know what Absurd Ventures is up to, but it's putting together quite a team.

isarai92d ago

Hope they can build something great again.

ZwVw91d ago

Don't get your hopes too high just yet. If rumors be true, it's an NFT project. If so. "Absurd Ventures" couldn't be a more aptly name for the studio.

-Foxtrot92d ago

I hope they can make something to eventually rival GTA and make Rockstar sweat, they need competition.

proudly_X91d ago

Lol. Make Rockstar sweat, ? Dan Houser only left, he still had major shares in Rockstar..

Just the same way bill gates left Microsoft

Murdability91d ago

Interesting. I hope they keep their core team intact over the years

Sonic188192d ago

Good luck to him and his new studio

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