inZOI Might Shake Up The Life Simulation Genre, Even The Sims 5

Ashura Kagawa from NoobFeed writes - With the Battle Royale massively multiplayer online game PUBG: Battlegrounds, KRAFTON has already established a name for themselves, and things are set to get much more significant now. This time, to our surprise, they venture into a genre that no one would have ever considered: Life Simulation.

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VivaChe90d ago

This game looks amazing, and the idea of a super-realistic world and life-sim is really cool. But, reservations I would have with this are if it will be filled with real-money microtransactions, which would seem to be very likely given the nature of the gameplay. Also, I could see a LOT of bad behaviour becoming rampant like harassment, cheaters using mods, etc.


15 New GTA 6-Like Games to Look Forward to

GB: "With Grand Theft Auto 6’s big reveal out of the way, there’s a danger many of the GTA-alike games on this rundown could be overshadowed by Rockstar Games’ monolithic crime adventure."

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isarai49d ago

Dear God this is the most straw grasping video I've seen in a while. Listing mostly asset flip PC games that are all likely scams, and other games that are nothing like GTA, besides The Precinct, everything on this list is a nothing burger.


Krafton news: Subnautica 3 and inZOI will be released between 2024 and 2026

Korean publisher Krafton released a presentation. A new Subnautica is in the works and has a targeted release for 2025, whereas the The Sims-like inZOI will be coming as soon as 2024 or as late as 2026. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later?

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Snookies1298d ago

Subnautica 3? Where is 2? The standalone DLC surely doesn't count as a full sequel.

Games1st97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Sims has competition finally.


G-Star in Busan: Krafton reveals inZOI, a Korean The Sims in Unreal Engine 5

Move over, EA - inZOI by Krafton is the true heir to The Sims (sorry, Project Rene!). Stunning graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5, lots and lots of customisation (even AI supercharged?), and a grandiose masterclass of Korean culture are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to know more about that Sims-like treat that is coming!

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