CES 09: Hands On With Mad Catz's Street Fighter IV Tournament Sticks

Kotaku: "Get ready to change your opinion about Mad Catz. The third-party controller maker may have made one of the best arcade sticks to ever grace these shores, thanks to its Tournament Edition Arcade FightStick.

Not only does this stick have authentic Sanwa arcade parts, sturdy construction and an arcade-perfect button layout, it comes loaded with smart design decisions. There's a panel on the back side that pops open, letting you tuck away the USB cord for storage or transport. Right next to that panel are the start and select buttons, relocated to prevent errant pausing during frantic button mashing."

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windmill1453570d ago

When is that "Capcom vs Sony vs Microsoft SFlV" tournament going to happen? Is it at CES or GDC.

spacetoilet3570d ago

HRAP 3 is better value. Just get one of those and throw in Sanwa buttons.