Bethesda responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam

Bethesda's customer support team has been responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam.

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__y2jb92d ago

That's pretty pathetic but also kind of the standard expected from XBox these days.

Why struggle to create compelling content when you can just tell users they are wrong?

notachance92d ago

currently people flocked to the comment section of those reviews to mock the AI template response lol

probably used their "advanced" engine to procedurally generate those comment 🤣

OtterX92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Someone should do a YouTube video of Starfield NPCs reading these "developer" responses, with their bland awkward faces. 😂

OtterX92d ago

Most small indies don't even grovel this much for approval. It sounds kind of unprofessional really, "oh you didn't play it right", like a teenage employee at Gamestop. Usually developer responses on Steam thank the person for their feedback, tell them that they'll consider this feedback towards future improvements to the game. This just comes across as, "our product is fine as it is, you're just not playing it right". Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩

anast92d ago

"Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩"

This means it's time to get out of this relationship.

MrBaskerville92d ago

Maybe they saw how much goodwill New Blood got from being snarky in Steam reviews. Just reads different when you aren't funny and you are writing on behalf of a trillion dollar company.

Michiel198992d ago

ofc it's unprofessional because they get trained in customer support, not in game design. I worked in customer support for a bit over a year and often you just get presented with questions or problems that you don't have much to do with or knowledge about, but still have to answer. It doesn't take away that the person gave probably the most awful response they could have, but its also not such a drama that this twitter Karen makes it out to be. It's funny though.

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Ra303092d ago

Naw....this is just Microsoft out trying to collect that Xbox tax! A Trillion Dollar Corporation out there working them streets bullying, intimidating gamers, maybe paying that actual tax of other former friendlies but naw not pathetic its Microsoft being Microsoft doing what Microsoft do there's no level they won't stoop to.

0hMyGandhi92d ago

Me: I tried the bike but it seems to fall apart when I try to ride it: the brakes stop working, the tires keep rapidly deflating, the handlebars turn in place, and the seat pops off when going over small bumps.

Bethesda: You're just riding it wrong.

Abracadabra92d ago

Gamers are entitled little shits... always complaining about something.

Godmars29092d ago

Standard for Bethesda you mean. Fallout 76 aside for having as many issues, failing to live up to official hype, not even Tod Howard could simply brush them off.

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anast92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I also heard they were going to heavily monetize the modding scene.

crazyCoconuts92d ago

These responses are so Microsoft - lean into the fail.
"I don't like this game"
"Are you sure you don't like this game? Could you perhaps actually like this game? I think you might! You do like this game after all!"

OtterX92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

"TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!!!!!" ((growled in a deep sinister voice)) 😭🤬👹


MrBaskerville92d ago

You can't find it boring, it's fun!

gold_drake92d ago

its just so wild to me that they actually defend the loading screens and empty planets.

we've see other games that have more complex infrastructure with less loading time in this gen.

dumahim92d ago

The funny thing is that some of those loading screens aren't even needed. There's places you can trigger the loading screen with a door but then go around where there isn't a door, and there's no load screen. I can't remember the exact example but I did run into one of them in my playthrough and I think Alex mentioned it in one of the DF videos.

sweendog91d ago

Yeah there's a building in akila city where you have to load to go through the door but you can get to the roof and jump back into the open city with no loading screen

mudakoshaka91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

The entirety of New Atlantis is like that. Loading screen after loading screen. Imagine my surprise when I was able to jump down from like the Commercial District to one of the other districts without any loading screens. This entire game was made by a retarded person with intellectual impairments. The map should be enough proof. Not even the cities have a proper map. Really liked the game for like 30 hours but then the make-up started to wear off and Starfield showed its true and ugly nature. They should have focused on a solar system and not the entire universe. Quality and not quantity! Not following this philosophy will be the end of Xbox and Playstation seem to be heading the same path with their GaaS. The future of gaming will be Doodle Jump and Candy Crush unless this bastardisation of gaming stops.

frostypants92d ago

Freaking No Man's Sky has better procedurally generated planets (by a massive factor) and it was made at a fraction of the budget.

Good-Smurf92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Pathetic of a response lol.
I just read some of the responses and never cringe this hard before.