Star Citizen Just Had its Biggest Crowdfunding Day Ever With $3.5 Million in 24 Hours

The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen recently enjoyed its biggest day ever, with the game's backers adding almost $3.5 million in 24 hours to the mind-boggling $644 million total.

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anast92d ago

If Starfield had this budget, Bethesda would have spent it all on a live action trailer and some cheap plastic trinkets to sell.

rlow192d ago (Edited 92d ago )

You are so toxic, if all you can do is throw shade at anything Xbox on an article that has nothing to do with them. You must dream, eat and think Xbox all day.

anast92d ago

I'm more like a sports fan that likes the back and forth. I don't take this stuff as seriously as your comment or possibly you, but it's too difficult to assume what someone is like based on videogame forum comments. Nevertheless, if this is your way of enjoying the back and forth, then I look forward to playing forum fanatic with you.

92d ago
rlow192d ago

It’s just that your actions say differently. I’ve noticed you love to bring up Xbox on unrelated articles, especially if it’s something negative about Sony. I guess it’s your way of deflecting from what the article is about. But ultimately to each their own.

oIMyersIo92d ago

Lives rent free in his little head.
The most negative person but I've noticed they aren't even team blue either, they're just completely negative.

anast92d ago

It's all good. I'm having fun here. I would suggest if this isn't fun for you, then it might not be healthy.

DankSinatra92d ago

Doesn't take it seriously but you spend most of your time on here talking about xbox?

anast92d ago

It's called fun. I do this to pass the time. It's relaxing to me and cathartic and I like games. I find it strange that every habitual action must be serious to DankSinatra... This has got to be taxing.

DankSinatra91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Just like I find it strange that your spare time fun is raging over a brand... going through your comments history really shows the amount of free time you have lol
Talk about taxing lmao

Jin_Sakai92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

With all the crowdfunding and development that’s went into this game it should be a 10/10.

MrBaskerville92d ago

Probably won't be, but will probably be quite impressive techwise. Allready is, but tech and good gamedesign isn't the same.

anast92d ago

They probably saved some money to buy those 10s.

Binarycode92d ago

it'll never finish development. that's the thing.

Vengeance113892d ago

Goes to prove just how many suckers are out there that are easily seperated from their money. Imagine funding a game that is designed to never ever leave beta lol
This is why Gacha games are hugely successful, fools outnumber us all.

Scam Citizen will reach 1 Trillion in funding over time im sure.

Abriael92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Comments like this go to prove how people can start typing without connecting their fingers to the brain, without knowing a single thing about game development, the industry, or marketing.

People aren't "easily separated from their money." If you think they are, why don't you give it a try? Don't you want money? Show us how good you are at it.

If people are so "easily separated from their money" why aren't other developers managing to replicate this? Should be "easy" right?

Here's what "separating people from their money" requires in Star Citizen's case:

1: a developer who has built a reputation through making some really fantastic games. The Wing Commander series is one of the best ever.
2: That developer presenting a project that happens to be something that many people want and that traditional game publishers aren't giving because it's too risky, they erroneously think it won't make enough money, or too ambitious.
3: That developer being willing to put in an initial investment of millions of dollars of his own personal money.
4: That developer managing to sustain the initial pitch by creating something genuinely impressive, including technology and features that literally no other game has.
5: That developer literally putting together several development studios with some of the best talent in the industry, delivering a playable alpha version that is good enough to keep hundreds of thousands of people entertained for years.

Doesn't look that easy to me, but by all means, show us how it's done. 🤣

PS: Since you run your mouth about gacha games, you should probably realize that making a *successful* gacha game is extremely challenging, that's why the vast majority, even by massive publishers, close within 6 months to a year.

purple10192d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So, how much did you "invest"

Abriael92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@purple101: Less than the price of a collector's edition of any normal AAA game.

And I've already gotten more fun out of it than 99% of other games I've ever purchased. I'll call that a win.

Of course, some people are incapable of understanding that people who have "invested" in this project have much better visibility on it, so they know what they're talking about, unlike those who bash it on social media but have never touched it 😂

Rocketisleague92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

You should just ignore the comments dude. Keep posting, I like to keep up with how this game is going. Great to see its development and how far the pinnacle of gaming technology will go. This is the only way to achieve it.

I'm sure there are many hard-core gamers actually interested in gaming. Just ignore the standards on n4g and let them get back to flailing over which bread and butter console exclusive of the month makes sony better than ms

Angyobangyo92d ago

The game was announced in 2012, were almost in 2024. Yet, CloudImperium is still asking for money with only alpha builds to show. Technically it looks good, but where this so called game that has has amassed so much in donations?



You can play the game right now, though it is still in alpha state. I've played it on one of the free trial days. It's definitely not a game for casuals, but the game's tech is very impressive. It seems to be getting some major updates soon also.


squadron 42 video

squadron 42 is supposed to be between 40 -100 hours long

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Neonridr92d ago

one day the grandkids of all the backers will be able to enjoy the full, released game.

PrinceOfAnger92d ago

Hope they release the single player in 2025 or before.