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Tyrannosaurus Rekt?

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OtterX142d ago

I picked this up despite the reviews. I was a Jurassic Park obsessed kid, and have such fond memories of particularly the SNES and Genesis versions. I admit, the games aren't very good at all if you're playing them for the first time today. They're guilty pleasures for me. These reviews are pretty accurate. Barebone features, but I don't regret picking it up. I'm probably one of few people who actually beat JP SNES back in the day! It had no save feature, but I would leave my game running on the SNES while I went to school haha I would draw out my own maps as I went along for collecting the eggs.

I can't really recommend this at all if you're new. This is purely for us nostalgic folk. ;)

ZeekQuattro142d ago

I played JP II and JP Rampage Edition to death as a kid. Even the NES game but the only thing I remember fondly from that game was the score. 🤣 I know what I'm getting into. I will be buying this.

Jingsing142d ago

Missing a lot of games is the basic takeaway.

M0chit0142d ago

It lacks one of the best: Lost World


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WTMG's Leo Faria: "The games included in Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection are, at best, novelties, with the exception of maybe one or two titles, namely the NES original. I also feel the collection should have included more titles, such as the 3DO’s Jurassic Park Interactive and the Game Gear and Master System Jurassic Park games. If the intention of this collection was to preserve the (mixed-at-best) legacy of the original Jurassic Park‘s tie-in releases, then I feel more worked should had been put into it. As it stands, this is not a terrible first attempt from Limited Run Games in terms of remastering and emulating games, but they do need to improve upon the amount of extras and title variety included in their compilations."

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The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection is a grim reminder of what movie tie-in games used to be like in terms of quality.

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