Burnout Paradise: Why these Camera Angles

Techworldwide writes:

Those who play Burnout Paradise may know that there are 2 different views. There is First Person(Which places you at the front bumper), and there is Third Person(Which seems like a guy with a skateboard is tied with a rope to your rear bumper and is filming it).


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jazzking20014194d ago

lots of game devs r BAD in picking the correct camera angle lol

GUNS N SWORDS4194d ago

so............................ ......are they going to fix it or not?

Aaron Greenturd4193d ago

this absolutely needs corrected. I am constantly pressing up on the right joystick so i can see above my car.

both camera views are insufficient when you are going top speed. the faster you go, the more important it is to see whats coming up.

i will say i enjoy the realism, i.e. if you take your eyes off the road for 1 sec (to look at your map) you will most likely plow into something. but not having the option to change the camera view is really the only drawback to this amazing game.

Jinxstar4193d ago

I dunno. I unlocked my platinum cars with the camera angles without much problem... Worked fine for me... Why is this news now? I mean the game is what? a year old... and camera angles... with a link I can't connect too... lame. Reported as such.

kwicksandz4193d ago

Kinda have to agree. the outside car view is unusable cause the car takes up most of your screen! works well on the bikes tho

BrianC62344193d ago

"I dunno. I unlocked my platinum cars with the camera angles without much problem..."

It doesn't keep you from playing the game but from day one this has been my one problem with Burnout Paradise. Sometimes I come up on traffic and the camera angle makes it hard to see and it messes me up. The camera seems to low. I wish we could ajust it to where it works best for us or at least give five or six options.

Jinxstar4193d ago

My comment basically was saying it never was an issue for me. I never would have complained about the camera... Last thing I would and none of my friends who have played we're ever like "God this camera is horrid. How can you play" which from the comments here and whatever this broken article(Blog) is saying is that it breaks the game... I can't even recall a single review where they said the camera was "Idiotic" or"Broken"... Thats all I'm saying. I feel like you guys are making a big deal is all...

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ape0074193d ago

please,I want the classic burnout controls

nothing is more satefying than accelerating with X and boost with R1

R2 button just don't make it for me

please criterion

MaximusPrime4193d ago

im fine with the control. it would be nice if they can make an option available.

Ghoul4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

"R2 button just don't make it for me "

exactly and most people like it as it is so i guess we have a interest conflict on these kinda things in gaming wich will most likly allways end the way that each dev decideds wich controlls work best


Finally add the same depth of key configuration like in pc games.

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The story is too old to be commented.