Little Big Planet Moderation: Good or Bad?

Techworldwide writes:

I have seen a whole lot of people complaining recently about LBP's amount of moderation.

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sunnygrg3572d ago

Honestly, your comment is totally irrelevant of the topic. Not that it matters in the open zone but just saying.

TrevorPhillips3572d ago

got bored of this game and it sucks that whenever u design your own level it gets deleted because of copyright from other games

Aaron Greenturd3572d ago

Obviously it's bad. Here, let me show you:

Sony is bad.
LBP is a Sony game.
Therefore, LBP moderation is bad.

See? If you follow my logic, the only choice is a 360 in your future.

Your very near future. Like now. RIGHT NOW. GO BUY A 360 RIGHT NOW OR WE ARE FINISHED

Aaron Greenturd3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

See Above.

mattkelly19913572d ago

lol. I see what you did there.

No3572d ago

Kodu is way better keep your pathetic filthy crappy LBP.

TrevorPhillips3572d ago

i heard littlebigplanet is coming to the psp but would u be able to create levels that are from other games, hopefully they do

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