Ars: Fat Princess combines tower defense with CTF

For all its faults, Sony has done extremely well when selecting and supporting exciting titles for the PlayStation Network. While there aren't nearly as many PSN games as Xbox Live Arcade games, Sony's selection encompasses some of the greatest downloadable games of the generation and many which are extremely unique and undeniably refreshing. The next game in that growing list of excellent, otherwise-unknown titles coming to the PSN is Fat Princess, and Ars had the chance to play around with the game at CES.

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Awookie3573d ago

I did not realize it had a leveling system sounds awesome
This game sounds like a blast

goflyakite3573d ago

Agreed, this could be my first PSN game.
If I find some cards first.

shqype3573d ago

I've already purchased a couple of PSN games ... Pixeljunk Eden and Pixeljunk Monsters come to mind ... but this is a must-buy for me. It's loads of fun, and the large amounts of bloody violence provide for over-the-top gameplay too. This is like a mashup of all your favorite genres, and it's going to be a blast.

Gambit073573d ago

I just hate it when they start an article with negativity.

DrWan3573d ago

This site's name still cracks me up