Microsoft's Robbie Bach on Xbox and the recession

Variety spoke to Microsoft entertainment and devices president Robbie Bach at his company's booth at CES to go a little more in depth on his company's entertainment business, particularly videogames, in the face of a recession. He was largely upbeat (shocker!), but opened up a bit about how the slowdown is impacting the mix of what Microsoft sells. In addition, they talked about how his company is doing in its efforts to expand its audience to families (and other people mostly buying Wiis), music videogames, and how online is effecting the Xbox business's bottom line.

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Aaron Greenturd3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Keep in mind people that Variety is a Microsoft content distribution partner. Here is the part I like:

V: Can you tell me a little more about “Kodu?” Is it a game or an application?

MS: It starts as a set of tools. It’s a “Hey you can create your own environment!” product. But then once you create the game, now it is a game and you can share that with other people and play on Xbox Live. So this is both things.

V: But it doesn’t ship with a full campaign story mode? Because the obvious comparison is “LittleBigPlanet.”

MS: I don’t think it’s a lot like “LittleBigPlanet.” It’s a new game every time. It’s a development environment, in which you can download and share.
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The fact that we can get away with statements like this shows what a little money sprinkled around can do...The fact that we are lying, right to this interviewers face, and the entire gaming community, shows what kind of company we are.

And you 360 faithful lap it up like chocolate cocaine.