Dark Void bolts guns to your jetpack

Joystiq recently played Dark Void again at CES in Capcom's suite at Planet Hollywood. They're not going to bore you with the details, as they'd probably be the same glowing ones they dropped on you during last year's E3. Graphics look even better, jetpacking around is still ridiculously enjoyable, etc.

But they simply had to pass on one of the new bits that Capcom told them as they attempted to wipe the stupidly giddy smile off their faces post-demo: They've added guns to the jetpack. Do you get what Joystiq is saying here? They took the most awesome invention since the light bulb, the jetpack, and bolted weapons to it. Besides tearing the space-awesome continuum to shreds, it also means man-on-alien-saucer dogfights are a possibility.

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