PlayStation Portal Sales Will Be Tracked As A Console

Insider Gaming writes: "It might seem a bit strange considering the PlayStation Portal is almost certainly a PlayStation 5 accessory, but according to Mat Piscatella in a now-deleted tweet, Circana will be tracking its sales as a console. According to Piscatella, the request was made by Sony themselves."

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shadowT90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Playstation VR2 also counted as "console"?

Eonjay89d ago

Interesting... I would keep my eye on this. What is Sony's game plan here? I really am not expecting them to go hard on Premium steaming to portal until March. As long a you need a PS5 to run the Portal I don't think its right to report it a as separate console.

GamerRN89d ago

Their plan is to try to show sales beating Xbox on their accessory. It looks like it's just being done to try to insult Xbox sales. Petty, strange, but hey, if they think it will help! But track it as a console, then you have to prove it works as one, no? Does it operate without a PlayStation 5??

Eonjay89d ago


Really? Xbox doesn't need any help from anyone looking bad in the sales department. I think whats more likely is that we are seeing Sony finally preparing to make the plunge to streaming or rather the ability to play games without a PS5 as you noted. Basically, they want you to be able to buy PS5 games without buying a PlayStation. This is a slippery slope... first and foremost, how will this change PS5 console sales? Well obviously the answer is we count Portals as console sold. Will it take away from PS5 sales? Potentially, but I think Sony doesn't really care as long as you are paying for Premium. But until this thing can use Cloud Streaming it makes zero sense to count it as a separate console. I think we agree there.

itsmebryan89d ago

How is it going to count as a console if it can't work without a PS5. That would make it a accessory?

S2Killinit89d ago

Yes. They track these. I dont think anyone thinks of an accessory as a “console”. Although in the case of PSVR2, it has its own games, so it might be closer to a “console” of its own.

GamerRN89d ago

It's own games, yes, but so did the Kinect... And the Wii Balance board... Are those consoles,

S2Killinit88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

but kinect was bundled with the console.

Besides what does it matter if someone decides to track sales numbers for the Portal? I fail to see the problem.

jwillj2k489d ago (Edited 89d ago )


PlayStation lives rent free in the minds of Microsoft and xbox fanboys alike not the other way around.

itsmebryan88d ago

I don't think it lives rent free. It just how are you going to include an accessory (because you can't run a portal with a PS5) in the console count and why?

Why do you think Sony would want confuse their sales?

S2Killinit88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

What are you talking about?

They are going to track sales of Portal. How is that confusing? Why is that an issue even? They are not adding anything to PS5 sales. This is not a xbox series S/X situation.

itsmebryan88d ago

I didn't see in the article that they would report the Portal as a different console. It appears the it would be included as PS5 sales.

jwillj2k487d ago

@ itsmebryan

It doesn’t matter how they track it that’s the point. It has nothing to do with Xbox. To even think PS5 needs the portal to boost PS5 count is idiotic. PlayStation owns Xbox there is no competition. This is why I say it lives rent free at the home of Xbox because it always comes back to “what is PlayStation doing?”

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DynDasE89d ago

VR2 cannot run by itself, so nope.

boing188d ago

Yes. Sony always treated VR as a seperate platform.

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Destiny108090d ago

It does come with a controller, so this is acceptable

Barlos89d ago

Not really. PS Portal IS the controller. It would be tracked as an accessory, given it's useless without a PS5

Gamer7589d ago (Edited 89d ago )

But it's not a console by any stretch of the imagination it's a super duper handheld

badz14988d ago

it's not even "super duper" either.

Destiny108089d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Sorry forgot the /S

Kind of reminds me of, you can milk anything with nipples

anast89d ago

It should, thems the rules setout my MS.

anast88d ago

MS counts times played, they combine S and the X, and whatever they can do to inflate their numbers. What good for the goose...I forgot the rest.

S2Killinit89d ago

I think you misunderstood. Sony is not asking them to count Portal as if its a PS5. Sony is saying track Portal sales as if it is a separate entity/console. This is the opposite of what MS does with theor two consoles (x/s)

anast88d ago

I didn't misunderstand. I took a jab at MS.

rippermcrip89d ago

I don't know what Circana tracks or how they track stuff. But the tweets said as "hardware", but in my mind isn't the same as a console.

Eonjay89d ago

Well aren't accessories sells included in their Video Game Hardware revenue they report on every month. If that is the case then this is a non story.

Abear2189d ago

Yet Sony Direct themselves has it under “Accessories”